What Class Are you Planning on Playing When Diablo 3 Comes out !!??

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    I think I will be going for the WD first I think it will be a great class for soloing. I loved the Necro in D2 and hope its close to that class. I played a hunter in WOW for like 5 years and love having my pets around doing deeps. Probably then will have a wiz as an alt.
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    out of the ones i have seen played the witch doctor seems like the first one i will play and WOOT HOPE I WIN A BETA KEY!
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    I'll defo go for the Barbie as my number one choice. Can't wait to send those monsters from hell to the moon and beyond with my big-ass 2-hander! *Wooouccchh*
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    Witch Doctor will be my first but I can't tell right now what class will be my favorite. I do like pets and cool aoe spells so WD vs Barbarian vs Wizard. I like to kill monsters with big, flashy and powerfull spell/abilitys. :hehe:
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    I'll probably go for the Wizard first, but I seem to change my mind every other week. But the Wizard seems like a good first choice for me, I love being the glass cannon that can get through most of the combat quite easily, and yet when I get into trouble, the trouble can easily kill me.

    All the classes look pretty good to me, except the Monk. I don't know why, but I cringe when I see that guy.
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    Barb for sure. I love the notion of charging straight to enemies and taking them on face to face. Monk might do the same, but I just love the brute force of the Barb
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    I'm thinking monk atm. I usually play casters but the combo system for the spirit generators seem alot of fun, and also debuffing enemies for survival rather than having alot of health yourself.
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    Quote from simongosselin

    Currently the monk is my choice. Obviously this can change as my choice is based entirely on videos. But I love the fast paced gameplay that I saw so far and almost all the skills we can see in the beta is interesting.

    My second choice would be a demon hunter. But based on the fact that I can't stop rerolling new toons in WoW I will probably end up having them all at max level.

    Im gonna have to agree with that the monk does look pretty good and to since its something diffrent im gonna have to say thats my 2nd choice to play with :) but only reason i chose the demon hunter would be since its a range char and i never really played with range chars in diablo to tell you the truh..
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    Monk. Been enamored with the monk ever since they announced the class, and with each video, I get more and more excited for it. quick hitting skills, comboing, and mobility? Yes please :D
    Think after I would go either Barb or Wizard. Prolly play Witch Doctor last, simply because I don't like the playstyle :/
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    Monk or Wd, monk just seems really fun and i think a pet wd would be awesome.
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    I plan on playing either WD or Wizard. Been doing a lot of research but I can't figure out which one is going to be a better solo farmer/ inferno MFer. I was thinking the WD because of so much protection and leach, but my question was will the minions be significantly weak in inferno mode?
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    Definitely starting out with the demon hunter. Been keeping an eye on this class since it was announced and like what I see. After that I will follow up with a wizard and then monk.
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    Wizard and Monk for me. I have some pretty sweet builds worked out for both classes.
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    The general plan for me has been a female Monk; the concept and combat style look like great fun. A close second is a Wizard, and as we get closer to release that may end up changing too.

    To be honest, it's really hard to discount any of the other classes, all of them are sure to be a heap of fun and no doubt i'll end up playing them all, like most people.
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    I will probably start a Barbarian for my first class. But I am thinking about doing an act on each character at a time. So I will complete Act 1 on all five characters before going to Act 2. Then so on and so on. I will probably then make it be a difficulty per character after normal. So as I can get gear for my other classes to get through Nightmare and Hell faster.
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    I will be playing a wizard. Sorceress was always my go to in Diablo 2 and I imagine it will be the same in Diablo 3. I just love the feeling of blasting the &#@! out of things from a distance and then when they finally close the distance blink away and continue owning. I have made a few builds in the skill calculator and so far I like what I am seeing with the runes effects on spells and what not.
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    This has been a huge debate for me...I have always thought a female wizard would be the first character for me. My favorite class in D2, however, was the summon necro. That being said, I feel like I might enjoy the witch doctor more than any other class. If I decided to go the melee route, I am leaning toward the monk as I feel it will be a little more fun than the barbarian. Who knows though, I might change my mind on which is the funnest after playing for a while...
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    Quote from Warpals

    I only hope the best for diablo 3 when it comes out ive been waiting years for this game to come out i actually still play diablo 2 :).. But to stick with diablo 3 The class ive been really wanting to try out is the Demon Hunter been hopeing i would get into the beta to try it out.. best of lucks to everyone and those who are in beta atm ^_^..

    I'm probably going to be a wizard. My GF is going to be monk/DH and my friend is going WD. It's still a dilemma for me though, I do love Wiz but barb does sound like alot of fun.
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    I'm going to go DH>Monk>WD>Wiz>Barb.

    From the getgo I thought the DH looked like alot of fun...I'm looking at an improvement over the Amazon.

    Monk I initially didnt have alot of interest in, and then I watched ForcesStrategy playthru on him....deff intrigued me, looks like alot of fun.

    Witch Doctor.....ahhh how I really wanted you to be my favourite, since I was a Necro fan in D2...you just dont have the diablo feeling for me, but I'm willing to give you a shot.

    Wizard, what can you say. Its a wizard, always fun, still a wizard.

    Ditto Barb.
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    Seeing as the necromancer didn't make it to Diablo 3(hoping for one in an expansion) I think I will roll a Barbarian. Simply because I was stunned when they first released the footage of ingame action. I was completley amazed by the playstyle of it. So that's what I am sticking to, most likeley.
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