Wizard or Witchdoctor

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    Hey all! This is a question for more those who've been lucky enough to hit into the beta: which is more enjoyable to play, the Witchdoctor or wizard? I know my own game style will likely effect which one I enjoy most but as both ranged classes I was wondering if anyone had found more enjoyment clearly over one than the other.

    I might as well roll this question in here as well as may mess with my decision when D3 pops but also; is melee wizard still viable? I mean, I know you can make a spec with the wizard for melee per say but is it up there with the rest as playable? And does anyone know if this will continue into inferno?

    Many thanks in advance :)
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    I had the chance to try the beta for about 4 hours. Before I had this chance, I didn't think about starting with a witchdoctor because he doesn't look as cool as a barb or wiz does. Surprisingly it was a lot of fun to play the witch doctor, because his skills feel really powerful.

    Unfortunately I can't tell anything about whether a melee wizard is viable or not, because the beta is too short to answer this question.
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    I think the main difference between these two classes is mana/arcanepower managment. With the Wizard/Sorc u have the possibility to cast without arcane power cause some abilities dont cost anything. I think this is a big advantage. The WD is a little bit limited (my point of view) If he gets OOM only the pets are tanking the demons and u cant do anything viable.

    Melee Wiz/Sorc hmm it's a hard guess if its still viable in late game at this point but i dont think so cause ranged classes are intended to be ranged right?
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