D3 Identification System Replacement (a good ideea)

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    Please Read this! You will not be sorry!!!
    Hello Dear DiabloFans Users,

    Since I wasted away almost all my youth playing Diablo and Diablo 2, I am a big fan of your upcoming title and like the mad man that I am, I spend all my free time reading and watching any little piece of info that I can find on the game. After seeing a video from Force2Strategy on you tube, regarding the changes made to patch 10 I noticed something that didn’t feel quite right, like it didn’t integrate so well in the Diablo universe. I am not writing this to upset you or the people working on the game but just to state an opinion and just to present an idea.

    Its regarding to the new item identification system. Some people may think that this is not an important factor in diablo games I for one like the idea of the scroll not being there as a physical item but I’m not so sure about the way it works.
    After watching a few items being identified in the youtube video and specially the character that did that was a barbarian I had the immediate thoughts:
    - The casting bar may work for the town portal but doesn’t feel right for an item identification
    - It feels like I’m waiting for something to be installed
    - It feels like the character has a blue bar on top of his had that gets him to town and also give information about items…. Weird
    - Barbarian casting a magical spell again… but I just got to town a few seconds ago
    - Other player saying (dude are you leaving the battle? … oh no your not)
    - Rough and bad ass barbarians hate using magic powers to get something done.

    So I start thinking… what’s the most important thing in the game in no specific order it’s killing monsters and finding loot this is all the player needs to satisfy the “hunger”. The monsters are cool they are many and bad ass looking great designs great ways to kill them a shit load of bad ass animations they die in cool ways and so the idea of bashing is fulfilled . Then the awesome bad ass monster witch I killed drops an epic item, I see the shiny light coming from it I pick it up I can’t wait to se what it is I right click it …. Please gods of diablo 3 let it be the awesome sword that Kate Bekinsale uses in the movies and…. My character starts to install winrar… mheh… that could be done better.
    So I start thinking again what is an epic item… well an epic item it’s something that should really really have an impact over you. Monsters and loot, so loot should be treated well also yes the items will look cool and have awesome stats and so on but visually there is no impact to satisfy the hunger and anticipation of finding something unique and awesome. When I think of an epic I tem I think of it some evil rare monster has it stacked in an evil dungeon full of dust and other nasty stuff. And one day that evil rare monster decided to go out and kill adventurers and takes that dusty old armor on him and a mighty hero comes kills him blood dripping all over the place and then a sound of a heavy metal echoes and the here sees something on the ground you can see the metal shining behind all that dust that accumulated over hundreds of hundreds of years. My visual impact of the identification process would be the sound of the monster dropping the hard cold steel “zdang” then upon picking it up the here would remove the dust and when all the dust particles clear a shiny epic perfect armor reveals!!!
    Now this has an impact… of course it wouldn’t be like this in the game but something close to it
    Since unidentified items have that blue question mark and it also looks so good from a design point of view you could use that and not just make it disepare … you want to impress you want to create impact and in some way make the item that much better… so I would keep the idea of a casting bar but done differently Here it goes:

    1 the character won’t react to the identification process (other people don’t need to know what evil games you play in your own inventory)
    2 the cast bar would be something round, circular like perhaps a you tube video loading but done in a line and when it reaches the other end the casting is done. The nice question mark that you already have on the item would snake it’s way into transforming into that line that wil go like snake to “Catch it’s own tail” keeping the blue color and shiny outline. So imagine this, It starts by transforming itself from the up position clockwise going round and connecting with the tail at 12 o clock, but in a much faster way than the actual cast line. It’s better short with more impact then long kinda boring with no impact
    3 the impact part of this system is this: when the circle is completed there would be a small explosion of blue stuff(just a few particles) from the question mark\completed circle and of DUST that old dust particles that covered and darkened that old epic armor for years and years. And after the dust clears in a rather fast way because it would be boring to not wait for a casting bar but now your waiting for dust to clear…. And after all that dust goes away you finally see it it may or not be Kate’s sword but it’s nice and epic and has the impact that an epic item deserves!

    So it’s basically this: Question mark forms a circle line starting from 12 o clock, while keeping the blue color and it’s outline, ends back ant 12 in a clockwise direction circle, then explodes and creates a few blue particles (to justify the disappearance of the circle and it’s blue color) and dust (explosion accompanied by a metal or heavy armor dropping, something short with an impact like an armor dropping from a monster an revealing itself) and then the dust goes away in a rather fast way and there you have it. All this should take lesser then the actual casting time the benefit of all this is:
    1 other people don’t need to know what you do in your own inventory (I like to believe that my inventory is personal and I treat it like my own house)
    2 it’s faster, for that…it’s less boring
    3 faster= better and the pace of the game is fast it goes well with the fast pace of the game
    4 it has impact it makes the item better by default it satisfies that hunger that you have when you find an epic!
    5 the better the item the more epic it is the effect could be bigger and better so yellow items would have a smaller effect(yellow items don’t require the same anticipation) Epic items are cooler and have more of the explosion and more of the impact and for this there is a Better separation of items and adding more depth to the whole game. Some items feel more important then others… and they are….
    I find this overall to be short nice with the right amount of impact. Simple question marks transforms in line that circles upon full cast bang dust and the item is showed. It somewhat justifies why you are identifying the item!

    Also like a separate idea yellow items have yellow dust, brown items brown dust green… and if your planning to use other colors in the future the system will work as well… it’s rather easy to implement too.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my idea maybe you like it maybe you don’t I just had to do this. Ah almost forgot you know that checkpoint thingy popping out all the time it’s useful the first time you play but after you go through the content for the first time it’s sort of in your face all the time and becomes really annoying, all I need on my screen is monsters and my character bashing them.
    Thanks !
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    Tell me what you think about this ideea, i'm happy to know you'r opinions!
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