Black Demon Hunter Jacket

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    When I first saw the new Demon Hunter jacket, I was disappointed. The one that was revealed at Comic-Con last year was way better. So, I went and contacted J!NX about it, and here's their response:
    Hi Joel!

    Thank you for the email. We are hoping to release the black version of the
    Demon Hunter Jacket in conjunction with the Diablo III game launch, so
    keep your eye out for updates :)

    Please let me know if you have any other questions!

    Oracle (Kacia Castelli)
    Customer Care-a-Lot
    888.546.9266 ext. 301 (office)
    858.457.5469 (local)
    858.630.4504 (fax)
    J!NX :: Clothing for Gamers & Geeks

    So, the TL;DR for those who were curious like I am, they are planning on releasing the 2011 version of the demon hunter coat at or around when D3 comes out (which better be soon, damnit). I assume this means that they will also release the Tyrael one too. But that's just my theory. Anywhoo, there you go, Diablofans. Hope this helped you/made you happy that you don't have to get the current one (which is ugly, in my opinion).
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    Wahey, that's awesome news thanks a lot for the update! I was wondering where the item was and thought it odd that they would show it and then not sell it. I'd really like one, but not sure I'm going to agree on the pricetag.
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