Question on pre-ordering D3:CE, D2 community existence, and forums

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    Hello, I'm new here, yet have been keeping up on the ins and outs of Diablo 3. Reading both what I can gather off of official releases and the many many things said about D3 so far. Something I seem to be donating more and more time to as each day passes. I feel the game looks to be shaping up to one great title once the dust settles. Pretty excited! Playing either the Beta one day or just experiencing the game from launch, either way I'm in! Only want to put in my full support so far. ^_^

    However, this may be a good question or bad, because I'm not sure if there is a good answer. Currently I'm trying to find a decent place of which to pre-order a copy of D3:CE. It would be nice to have release day delivery if shipped online or store pick-up. The only thing I can come up with as a solid answer so far is In-Store at Gamespot. I would like to hear your opinions on who you feel is worth your paid trust. Reliability seems to spring up here and there with companies, so a bit of experience to read from would be nice.

    Also I'm considering picking up a copy of D2, considering I'm having quite the itch for looting things and have yet play through Act 4-5 I believe. I know I'll end up with a free copy, yet It doesn't make a ton of sense waiting to play D2 when I have D3 obviously. Also the lack of Torchlight MP kind of makes that feel like a "Lonely Man's Diablo" to me aside from being a pretty solid game. T2 I'm hoping will also be a nice addition to any D3 fans library.

    To the point though: Does Diablo 2 still have an active playing community? If yes, let me know. This alone will get to me jump in quick. I just don't know how to go about finding any such numbers. I'm not looking for huge player numbers to be clear, only a fair amount of games at the worst. Hopefully I can jump into others games, playing the game simply as it should be. Speed running in Diablo can be a bit daunting at first until I get up to speed on what you are doing and where I am going, as with most games.

    Last question, on my account I cannot post to the forums. I do own WOW-Cata yet have not payed for a sub for a good year now. If I purchase D2, will I be able to post? I would love to be part of the conversation rather than watch. Just a small something I wonder if anyone knows.

    Thanks for any insight/thoughts you may have. And hope to see you online in either D2 and D3 soon!

    Edit: Hah Ha! Good job making me feel like a fool for not having my pre-order in a month or so ago. My in-store pickup is now verified for my local Gamestop. Fingers crossed! I don't live in the most dense location, so there's a good chance I believe at some still being available for a while. Sad to hear that about D2, it's a shame there isn't a way to ban hammer those bots from existence. I'll think more on a side purchase though. I don't much feel like getting back into wow, and SC2 isn't my full cup of tea. The campaign was pretty fun for as far as I got, just know the MP isn't much of a draw to an untrained eye.

    Also would you say maybe USEast is a better server then? Some better option to alleviate some of the problem?

    Too bad Gotham City Impostors seems to be having a very rough PC release, I was looking forward to something new this weekend.
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    As far as the D3 forums go for beta, you won't be able to post unless you have beta. But the other forums you *should* be able to post.

    I hopped on D2 the other day, there's still a fair amount of games. Be prepared to be bombarded with bots if you're ever in a public game though. (Hit N to clear your screen of chat when they flood it, or hit P and mute them).

    On ordering the CE, I went with amazon and gamestop, but it's a toss up on who's more reliable. I think they are close enough it won't matter. BUT, I'd order NOW lol, they will run out. There was also a tweet from bashiok on ordering the CE, and he said if you wanted one you should have ordered the day it was announced =P
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    To post on 2.0 forums you need an active WoW subscription, a SC2 license or be in the beta, as Snaks said.
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    i preordered my copy of D3:CE from in-store Gamestop, walked in, preordered, and walked out. that simple. gamestop is reliable. as for diablo 2. the answer is no, the amounts of players has significantly decreased, and spambots have increased. im not saying the game is dead, but there will be times (USWest) where normal will only have 4 games, and 2 of which are spambots. it can be really hard to find certain runs too, but it really just depends on the time you log in. as for the forums, no you wont be able to post in them. you need an active WoW subscription, SC2, or a Diablo 3 Beta attached to your account.
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