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Poll: How do you feel about the latest changes?

[Poll] What is Your General Reaction to Jay Wilson's Announcement of the Most Recent Diablo 3 Changes

How do you feel about the latest changes? - Single Choice

  • (Positive & Negative) Like some, Disliked some. 44%
  • (Neutral) I don't have a strong opinion on the matter. 5.5%
  • (Very Negative) What are they thinking!? Seems to me like they're screwing up what was going to be good! 16.5%
  • (Very Positive) I think they have done a great thing - D3 is finally going in the right direction! 9.9%
  • (Negative) I dislike the changes they have made overall. 11%
  • (Positive) I like the changes they have made overall. 13.2%
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    Beat me by a minute. lol
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    The power of F5.

    Or most importantly, knowing when to press F5.
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    Haha me too!!
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    Hello July!!!
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    while not bad news on any front (stat changes specifically are nice) when I read it, I hear late 2012
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    Good system change, surprising, but good ones.

    However I doubt now it will be a Q1 release. Hello Q2.
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    Hello January 2013
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    i knew it will be a summer release
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    Surprise surprise ... all they're doing as I have said numerous times is delaying d3 till after the wow expansion to maximise profits. Players enthralled with diablo wouldn’t be inclined to buy the wow expansion after all. Most of these changes are unnecessary.
    Yes like a spoilt child I'm sick of waiting for it!
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    diablo threekum forever
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    As I think most things they changed are good ones, they do not go into the skills/runes yet. Which to me seems like the bigger changes and also the most time consuming. I'm guessing June at the earliest now for a release date.
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    MoP coming sooner than D3, D3 release Q4 2012 or Q1 2013, you heard it here first.
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    /agree, this is nothing more than another massive release pushback, not to mention a further reversion towards D2-style play systems. Don't get me wrong, I loved D2, but it's starting to seem like D3 could just be an expansion for D2, 10 years after the fact.

    While I have faith in Blizzard's product quality, I'm starting to worry about D3...
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    hahaha this makes me chuckle :)

    I`m not surprised and I welcome the new changes :)

    ``Hey guys! Let us make D3 more like D2. People still play that game so it must be for a reason!``

    If they are going to make D3 more like D2 I hope they start caring more about PvP and I think they will at some point to give the game some longevity :):):)
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    Nephalem cude gone, OMFG this is gonne get so bloody irritating to port back all the time. With my time spend in the beta i can clearly say that your bags get full really quick.

    Rest of the changes, nice!

    DIablo release: owwww so far away
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    There are merging problems so i am joining this one ^^

    My opinion on a few things:

    Scrolls of Identification are no longer in the game.

    Simply said, i like this, even tho it moves more further away from the core Diablo game(s) we know, it is still nice, the cast timer to identify an item and al, also saving you room in your inventory, its realy nice. Me likey.

    moving thefifth quick slot button, which is becoming a dedicated potion button

    Even tho yes, this is true, for most part, i felt like they could add a special potion dedicated bar attop of the 5 bars, and not removing the 5'th one, i for one have the strong feeling i was going to need those 5 slots filled with skills @ higher lvl, and just would open inventory and use potion(s) like that. So this one i dont like.

    we're removing the Mystic artisan

    I very much like, i though 3 crafting related NPC's would be abit 2 much for a start, and agree that she realy diddent offer 2 much. So i like this choise.

    we've decided to remove the Cauldron of Jordan and Nephalem Cube

    This pissed me of the most... It is ridiculous.

    For people who do not require a break to town every 20 mins this is bullshit, bring both back please, it was great the way it was. Simpel as that.

    common (white) items will no longer be salvageable

    Also stupid... these items were a great income for salvaging and thereby BS lvling.

    And last but not least, to reply on what Jay said.

    No one will remember if the game is late, only if it's great.

    Trust me Jay, we WIL remember ;)

    So these were my thoughts, feel free to share yours.
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    TLDR: Release christmas 2012.
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    Interesting read, but yeah, there is no way they are hitting Q1 or "early 2012."
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    It's sort of weird that they removed a system which they proclaimed to be one of the most inovative in form of staying in combat at all times.

    Obviously, it is by then possible to interact with the townsfolk more often, but I am personally simply wondering why they are removing the "Cauldron of Jorden" and "Nephalem Cube" which was to be one of the systems to keep the user constantly in action.
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