New Diablo 3 Contest

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    To celebrate the launch of our forum, to encourage user participation and build discussion, we're giving away 3 copies of Diablo 3 (standard edition).

    In order to enter the competition, users must register and post a thread in the Introduction section of the forum.

    Winners will be selected at random. "Random" will be determined from a pool of users who are registered to the forum and have made an introductory post. Users can increase their chances of winning by contributing quality (not quantity) posts to the forum.

    Winners will be notified by email and given the option of receiving a CD key via email or alternatively we will ship them a box copy of the game via Amazon.

    As Blizzard is yet to state a launch date, we're unable to say when winners will receive their prizes but we will make all efforts to get CD keys and box copies to winners once the game is available with the aim of having copies to players on Day 1.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post a comment below.
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    To be honest I clicked the link just to check out the site itself and no offense if you made it but the layout/overall design of the site is horrible(in my opinion) so I will not be signing up nor visiting again... sorry
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    The Design is in the works at the moment, but sorry you feel that way.
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    Do not post with the sole purpose of directing traffic to another website. Linking to other websites with the purpose of discussion is tolerated.

    So all you gotta do to get around this rule is link the site w/ a contest? 0.o
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    Just like to offer this contest to everyone here. Just like all the beta contests you see here... Not trying to get around any rules

    Edit: If a Mod does not like this post they are more then welcome to take it down.
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    Rules regarding advertising of other sites are undergoing iteration. All new threads will be closed as of now until the new rules go up.
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