Datamine info(new maybe?)

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    Found this site earlier and wanted to bring it to the attention of the community, hopefully i'm not re-posting known information.

    So, first off the experience requirements for each level, follower/NPC level, and how they correspond to each difficulty level.

    XP/Attributes by Lvl

    Follower/NPC Lvls

    We can see lvl 1-50 is a steady climb in XP ranging from 1200 for lvl 1 to 20k for lvl 50. The XP jump from 50 to 51 is 600K. We can assume according to this data combined with the NPCs 3rd listed lvl that hell is going to be farmed/ran for quite a while before inferno difficulty is able to be reached and successfully tackled. What do you guys think? Seems like its gonna be quite a grind to 60.

    The other one that interested me was the Call to Arms LFG data Could it be like WoW's Daily dungeon quests, what do you guys think the rewards for this will be?
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