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    Quote from Modmannen

    Was just strolling by the items page in the official Game Guide, noticed a few changes in the Runestone Page. As the game guide does draw info from the game, one can assume this is "currently being worked on". Either way, I might as well share my findings, though I don't know how recent these changes are.

    First of all, atm, runestone ranks 1-3 are divided between normal-hell, 4-7 in inferno. They don't appear to be like gems, as they can be salvaged for Runestone Dust (also no artisan can combine them at least not yet]). This dust is only used for Enhancements atm, but could possibly be used for something more as hinted by this new item "Runestone Core".

    Also worth noting, although unrelated, the CE dyes are now included (as well as Angelic Wings) in the Game Guide.
    By reading the flavor texts, one can imagine how they might potentially look;

    Cloud for "light glow", and Smoke for "dark gas".

    If this is already part of the "general knowledge", I'm sorry for repeating it. If not, discuss!

    I know the 1-4 and 5-7 change has been there for awhile, but didn't know about being able to break down runes and the core. Very interesting indeed. I'm very interested to know where they are going with the runestone system right now. No new info since they scrapped it.

    Think the CE dyes have always been there, but wings may be new (I haven't seen them).
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    Quote from TitanREW
    i was just watching BlizzCon2011 -diablo 3- Open Q&A Panel and this guy asked really good question about the rune storage issue at 19:00

    i right away thought of some sort of solution, at least this is an idea i will throw
    for each skill we could have a panel for rune choices, and we could actually store those runes in the panel- insuring we won't have to store it in our inventory.

    i just threw this idea into paint and here is what i got... this is just a first attempt at this so give it some thought and see if u can improve it


    So the idea is that each skill has its panel of rune storage and you can collect runes there. it would save alot of inventory space specially when switching runes for different types of runs (u will still need to be at Nephalem Altar)

    the other idea is that u need a leaser rank of the rune equipped in order to progress to higher rank. Lets say u found Rank 7 Alabaster Runestone, to equip it u must have Rank 1-6 already in your rune panel.

    after switching your skill, the panel switches to ur skill set, i.e. Blinding Flash will have its own panel with runes which u set into it.
    u can also freely remove runes, but the rune will permanently adjust to its skill set as it suppose to.

    the only problem would be selling such many runes in auction house... cuz for each skill u would have 35 different possibilities of rune modifiers...

    well...this is just first thing came to my mind after watching Q&A, give it some thought and throw in ur own ideas... we'll see how it goes

    something's wrong with image link
    here: http://img855.images...5/runeidea1.png

    I like it. One thing i would change tho would be to get rid of the second skill description since you can easily mouse over it on the left. Also I was thinking maybe moving the rune's description to the bottom, since some are kind of lengthy.
    ^ YouTube.Com/IceBleuGaming ! It's a thing! Check it oooout!
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