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Poll: The magic drop chance on Rares and Champions is greater than Bos

The magic drop chance on Rares and Champions is greater than Bos - Single Choice

  • Indifferent (I don't care. Just let me play!) 17.1%
  • Bad (Why?) 12.6%
  • Good (Why?) 70.3%
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    It's been confirmed that Rares and Champions will have a better chance to drop better loot than bosses.

    Do you guys see this as a good thing or a bad thing? Or are you indifferent about it?

    I think this is a pretty good idea, as Rares and Champions will have a lower probability of being farmed then bosses, which due to their lower rate of spawn should in fact have a higher probability of better loot. This may even out in the long run, as the bosses will be downed far more then Rares and Champions would.

    As for people saying people will ignore bosses, cmon, you know that is untrue. Everyone and their mom playing this game will wanna rush to the hardest act they can handle with their gear and farm it. You will progress to the next act as soon as you are able to simply because there is better loot there aswell so no one is going to stay in act 1 until lvl 50 farming the "rakanishus" of Diablo 3.

    I dont think people will ignore bosses. But I think they should drop something that rares/champions cant. They are, after all, bosses. We will just have to see once the game is out.

    True, that's why I think they should have shots of dropping something very good the first time they are down. Although I also hope bosses get some sort of unique named drops aswell, like someone found the butcher's cleaver the other day in the data. That's the kind of approach I hope bosses do in D3, makes them good for a while but not the absolute endgame grind they were in D2.
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    Boss-loot should be Uniques & Sets
    Rare/Champs-loot should be Rares & Sets

    I think that would make an interesting balance.
    Just a humble opinion.
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    I embrace this idea :)
    Blizz makes Diablo 3 more unique with this ^_^

    Going out in the world, with my buddies, smashing demons, having a good time...wish my girlfriend was with me too xD
    I think boss runs will be too hard anyway ...on inferno I mean
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    I voted that its a good thing because it takes focus off of boss rushes. If there is less incentive to do boss rushes it prolongs a sense of monotany setting in (though I doubt we have to worry about that for a while).

    On the other hand, it makes sense to gain greater rewards from defeating a boss.

    I think when its all said and done nobody is going to feel 'robbed' after they kill a boss and so the benefit of reducing boss rushing tendencies is more important to the game itself.
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    I think it's good that it forces us to go out and run through entire zones and not just like back in D2, running to WP then boss then reset. This also makes you explore the world and not just farm farm farm. It would be perfect if the bosses spawned random places and dropped the highest loot. Though I see that it may be a problem to put it in the game.
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    well i think its good beacuse there will more likley be more rare and champions 2 fight then bosses wich of course raises your chances of getting good drops and lets be honest its also much easier at least from my xp with diablo 2 wich is a lot of xp to find or run into champs or rare creatures most bosses suck getting 2 but idk thats just my opinion
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    Bad, I really miss the old meph runs and diabloruns! Now you have to first hope that your mob is there, before you can start hoping for the item to drop.. Feels like its two times worse chance to get the rare item you want now! :(

    But.. I bet theres alot more rare mobs than bosses in the game, so you actually have a better chance to get larger number of rare items aswell.. Just not the one you were hoping to get :(

    +/- really :)
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    I think this is a amazing idea. There will as stated above be more spawns of rare and champions then just the same boss. Aslo it will make people explore the maps, the extra catacombs caves etc, since they tend to hold powerfull rare's and champions. This in turn will make farming items less monotone and prevent the constant find shortest way to last boss kill rins repeat. This in turn will make the stress for creating new games less exessive.

    That being said, i wuld love to see the bosses having some uncie and cool drops, like a higher probability of droping high end runes or having a increased drop chance for certain legendarys. Like the good old ones, Maras, SoJ, Grandfather, Windforce Bul'katos etc. This wuld make it a valid option to just farm the boss if those are the specific items you look for, but if you want a good chance for other goodies and set items its a better and more efficient way to go explore the map before going for the end bosses.
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    Quote from misni

    ...Now you have to first hope that your mob is there, before you can start hoping for the item to drop..

    Exactly, and that is mainly the point of Blizzard doing it besides getting rid of boss runs.
    The double excitement!

    Think about it...
    A dark, and rainy sunday. You and your friends gather around in new tristram [Inferno Difficulty, of course] and start venturing to the old catherdral, wondering when and if you'd encounter one of the special monsters that promise loot of undreamed epicness.
    You have basically cleared your way through to the front gate when suddently a small edge of the map pops into your eye... you immediately begin to ask yourself: "hmmmmm... there could be something there...!?"
    Not sure if it is the right decision you click on the ground next to that little undiscovered spot, just to be sure not to miss anything and suddently...


    A rare monster lurks in the corner immediately attacking you.
    Your body is suddently filled with adrenaline and you call out for your friends to assist you in slaying that horrific monstrosity.
    After a long and possibly deadly battle you hear the sweet sound of loot dropping on the ground.
    Oh, and what's this? A green item?

    So basically what I am trying to say is, back in D2 you exactly knew what to slay to get the most out of the time you spent and where they basically hide. (yes, you had to find the exact path every time, but come on... you knew its going to be Meph or Baal or Pindle everytime)

    What we get from now on is freedom.
    You liked the way the world felt in Act II? Go there and find some rare monsters.
    You enjoyed the firery pits of Hell (should we be sent to them in D3 as well)? Then off you go.

    Just imagine the thrill when you have found a special monster that could possibly hold the long lost tresure you were looking for...
    First rush comes when you find one of them, second when the drops are yours to claim.

    It's a win/win for gameplay and excitement.
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    I personally think that it should be about even, or so close to even that you would have to be insane to nit-pick it.

    You shouldnt be penalized for farming boss events, imo. Just as you shouldnt be penalized for farming regular zones and named mobs.
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    Honestly, getting better items from random monsters instead of BOSSES doesnt make sense to me. You put so much effort to kill a major boss. And plus, if you get an awesome item from a boss you will feel like you deserve the reward. Giving bosses the higher magical find chance also will make me want to kill bosses more often.
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    I voted yes, because lets all be honest here. Baal and Diablo runs just got boring after the 50th time didn't they? having Rare and Champion Loot be better than boss loot is great! Everyone farming a certain mob will keep their eyes peeled constantly and when they do find it they wont have to go through a repetitive fight over and over again, instead they'll have to fight both the Champion or Rare mob as well as the other 20 demons that surround it, this will be so fun to do in Inferno, especially with mates.
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