Screenshot of D3 Beta End

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    Quote from Lorgarn

    It might actually be worth it if he got a couple of hundres of hits on his website.

    A couple hundred hits on his website? What website?
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    Look... There is no reason for a picture to look like this. All the blury shit kinda proves that its fake... Its like that show "Most Amazing Videos" where they show sometimes a guy drowning and a dude trying to help him and the camera guy is standing there, filming, and shaking the camera all the time while staying in the same position....

    Its overshopped to make it look like it could be somehow legit.

    But actually, there could be a reason for it to be all blury. Maybe that guy was very creative xD
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    Thats how my pictures look like if I take a shot without flash on my crappy hp digital camera, even if I move a mm it comes out blurry cause of the slow shutter speed.
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    Quote from OmniNom

    Quote from CherubDown

    It's super fake.

    It's not.

    Sixen didn't say it was fake, it was posted by a group that went to Blizzard, and all the details are correct. The potion is identical to ones we've seen earlier, that is clearly a 2 and not a 3 on the second hotkey, and the text at the top of the monitor is clearly english. It's also the right type of monitor. All the little tweaks and details to/of the UI (such as the right click swap being removed, chat box, follow icon, fog of war on the minimap) are pretty consistent with what one would expect from the game reaching the the level of polish it would be at.

    Further, the D2 beta went only up to Blood Raven IIRC, which is a roughly equivalent length of time. This is about systems testing and hardware compatibility, not testing level gameplay.

    Also, the monk clearly has two skills on the mouse buttons and one on the hotbar. Three different skills means she reached the level 6 skill tier at the very least to unlock that many slots. That sounds about right for the gameplay length as well.

    It's conceivable that someone could fake this with this level of consistency. But given the lack of condemnation by sources that could easily refute it's legitimacy, that's pretty unlikely.

    You can't be serious, that is not english, the lines are too slanted and curvy. Just look at all the letters in the english language and you will see our letters look nothing like that at all
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    Dear Monday, Please hurry before I go insane seeing people debate the authenticity of a single screenshot. Please.
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    I think it's real. I've had experience with Photoshop and after looking over it, I see no indication of it being Photoshopped. Add onto that, it seems really up to date. The beta might be tweaked before launch, so, such a big strange "congratulations" might be changed. But I really do think this is legit.
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    Real, or fake, all it confirms is that there is a beta, and that it will have an ending/stopping point. We knew this. Move along...
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    Yes, I don't think it really matters if it's real of fake. Though I'd think the thread would end up locked either way. If it's real, then I'm sure Diablofans doesn't want to have links to things that Blizzard doesn't want seen. If it's fake, then it's completely pointless.

    I also agree about the usefulness of this screenshot. It really doesn't present any content or anything of interest.
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    Actually it proves that beta will end in King Leoric's Thorne. Wich is cool info imo.
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    The screenshot is definitely 100% real. I've worked with Photoshop for years now and this does not look in one bit "photoshopped"

    It looks blurry obviously because it was taken hastily and with a cellphone camera to avoid being caught I suppose.

    I think people are just in denial. Sixen said the #D3anonymous info was a hoax, but he didn't mention anything about this photo and I'm pretty sure he won't until August 1st. If it was fake he would've said something by now like he did with the Twitter guy, but he hasn't. That pretty much confirms the legitimacy of the screenshot since he won't say it is real as well otherwise he would be breaking the NDA.

    If you look at the minimap, it has a perfect fade on the lower left side of it and that makes perfect sense considering the entrance is on the right lower side.

    The guy that uploaded the screenshot has taken it down, it belongs to the biggest German gaming magazine.

    There's no way this screenshot is fake. It is 100% real there's no point in denying it.

    EDIT: The BETA is probably short because they are not testing content... They are testing TECHNICAL CAPABILITIES. That means they are probably testing how the game runs on a massive amount of hardware, different computer specs, different video cards (ATI, Nvidia), DX support, etc. All this comes into play on launch day so there is a minimal amount of crashes (black screens, blue screens, disconnects, etc)

    EDIT 2: The people mentioning that the shot is the same from the "Wizard" trailer... IT IS NOT. The screens are completely different that you can even see the stairs on this one. There are no stairs in this screenshot:
    Also the amount of jars, the mobs positioning and even the shadow... It's 100% clear they are not the same shots.
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    It's real. Sixen never commented on it. Guy who "leaked" it probably didn't know it's wrong to upload one screenshot on his Twitter, but now Blizzard forced him to remove and that's it.

    And it's not japanese, it's only blurry.

    If you still think it's fake, then explain me how this guy added templar to the image and maked new map? Just explain.
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    Okay so I have just found out more about the picture, my brother who is a technical graphic designer he is very intelligible in this area. He told me while the image has been edited in some way and there for not the orginal the picture is most likely real. It is possible to recreate the image in a photoshop program but in his expert opinion he believes it is real. It would take alot of time and a well thought out plan to create such an image but it is possible.
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    It's real, because it looks pretty much real!

    I don't get it why are people saying that the beta would be too short if it ended with Leoric? Nobody seems to remember that the Diablo II Beta ended with Blood Raven, which was also a very small portion of the game!
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    True, You don't know when in act one we fight with Leoric, so stop saying that beta is small, it can be 1/4, half or 3/4 of act one from actual game.
    And another funny thing, people saying that this screen is useless and dont say much - try to watch ending of the next watched movie before you start watching from beggining...
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    Have Faith Guys !

    The wait is almost over.

    Meanwhile, please accomodate yourself to this picture I made.

    PEACE brothers.
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    Quote from MasterFischer

    Have Faith Guys !

    The wait is almost over.

    Meanwhile, please accomodate yourself to this picture I made.

    PEACE brothers.

    ..woww! O_O

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    Just wanting to contribute with some facts to the discussion, I have no further comments on the image's authenticity.

    Quote from drevny

    True, You don't know when in act one we fight with Leoric, so stop saying that beta is small, it can be 1/4, half or 3/4 of act one from actual game.

    This is old, confirmed information:

    King Leoric can be found underneath Tristram Cathedral. Tristram Cathedral is located just outside of New Tristram, and New Tristram is the starting town of Act 1. King Leoric was the first quest, although it has a couple stages before you actually fight Leoric.

    This info from BlizzCon 2008. King Leoric's quest could also be seen in the caravan screenshots.
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