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    holy shit 10 more days

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    Quote from "The_wind" »
    hmm im in the midwwest u.s and i get redirected to google, strange..very strange.

    Maybe because your default search engine is Since your browser was unable to find the site, it took you there instead.

    I am sure the reason for the new patch is to sell more copies of D2 via download, while they develop D3, after they announce it.
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    Quote from "Medievaldragon" »
    This is normal. Usually this can resolved in a few ways:

    - Delete cookies
    - Delete cache
    - Manually reseting Netstat for -- forgot how it is done on START > RUN > ?

    Otherwise, DNS Regional Servers in your area have not been updated.

    From the command prompt "ipconfig /flushdns" might be what you want.
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    If you do a whois it does state that the domain is now under the ownership of Blizzard.
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    The DNS change just kicked in in Slovakia a few hours ago.
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    Quote from "Enlyth" »
    The DNS change just kicked in in Slovakia a few hours ago.

    In Bulgaria too. :)
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    Though we already knew this was bound to happen, it keeps the rumors on the D3 announcement at WWI on track!
    10 more days to go. Not that I'm counting :P

    mod: I tried to post this is news and announcement: wouldn't let me.
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    Thank goodness there weren't 2 other threads on the first page saying EXACTLY the same thing.
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    Quote from "vilkrang" »
    Thank goodness there weren't 2 other threads on the first page saying EXACTLY the same thing.

    Thank god for people checking this site 24/7. I know this may sound as a cliche, but some of us actually do other stuff.

    Anyway, your satire is very welcoming. I can just hope the rest of the site is as kind as you (See, I can do it too).
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    If you haven't ever used a forum before then I apologise, but when there is not one but two topics on the first page of a forum then you shouldn't start a new topic stating exactly the same thing. It just clogs up the forum.

    If you have used a forum before then you should know this, and it doesn't mean that you have to check the site 24/7, it means you should cast a quick glance at the first page to see if it has been mentioned.
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    Yes by now people have created at least 3-4 of these topics and many other topic oriented Threads started discussion this redirect topic too.
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    Arleady discussed in this forum, thread closed. - PlugY PlugY for Diablo II allows you to reset skills and stats, transfer items between characters in singleplayer, obtain all ladder runewords and do all Uberquests while offline. It is the only way to do all of the above. Please use it.

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  • #93 is now offline. It does not redirect to automatically which could a good news. Whatcha say?
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    there's like 10 threads about this already. That's what I say.

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    Good Find Peasant!
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    Uh and another one of these pointless Threads, since we don't have enough yet of these.
    Take a look at the xFire Thread, there you will find up to date news on this redirect topic.
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    Quote from "Explorer" »
    Good Find Peasant!

    ROFLMAO!!!! Don't make the kid feel special or anything :rolleyes:
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    I began to wonder where aLe went. I hate looking at old work but always hate to see someone leave. Especially someone you expect will stay.

    Anyway yea, it belongs to Blizz now, thus it won't redirect.
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    I noticed this, it is worrying.
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