WWW has been Shaken

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    Whether Blizzard Entertainment announces the next Diablo game at the 2008 Blizzard Worldwide Invitationals or at another time, one thing is an absolute truth: After it became public the Diablo3.com domain name was given to Blizzard ... the World Wide Web has been shaken.

    Every corner of the globe is talking about Blizzard and the next Diablo game. From China, Japan, Australia, India to Greece, Norway, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Spain ... everywhere you go, every Gaming News site is talking about Diablo.

    Blizzard ... we hope you are listening. The world is listening. We are ready.

    Umaro didn't come short with the "Half the web will link to diablo3.com"

    I have spent hours monitoring the web to create a list of Gaming Sites that linked to the news. I will keep updating the list. Have fun browsing through there are tons of Big Gaming Sites who belief this was newsworthy and that it may be possible Blizzard may have something up their sleeves at WWI.

    If Diablo 3 is announced the phrase would be literal as everyone would be visiting diablo3.com -- post-WWI now owned by Blizzard.
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    Wow, that's crazy. They had better announce DIII at the WWI, or else half the web will certainly be shaking... um, again. But in an angry shaking-fist way. Um, yeah. lol.

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    Shaken like a topless bartender holding a martini

    Edit- This is annoying me now, I cant remember the exact phrasing >
    But yea, alot of people must think this site is an authority on Diablo news
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    There is just so much info leading that DiabloIII will be announced very soon.
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    It really is great to know that Diablo is known to the public again. We finally are going to get what we've been waiting for.
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    wow there is a lot of linking going on, kinda like a giant Web Orgy..
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    Holy fuckK!!!!!
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    That sure is a lot of gaming websites.
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    Would Blizzard want to disappoint half of the web? I doubt it! WWI here we come!
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    Quote from "AcidReign" »
    Would Blizzard want to disappoint half of the web? I doubt it! WWI here we come!

    ditto that my brother, cant you just FEEL it. Like Blizzcon I didnt feel like. I was hoping for it, but i never got the feel. But now, Oh im feeling it.
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    It just seems that everything lately has been pointing to Diablo - and the WWI.
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    Quote from "Explorer" »
    ditto that my brother, cant you just FEEL it. Like Blizzcon I didnt feel like. I was hoping for it, but i never got the feel. But now, Oh im feeling it.

    That's just gas, and that too shall come to pass.
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    WOW, (not the game I don't like) that is a long list of sites that think this is news worthy. Well I was hoping for Blizzcon last year, but as y'all have said, I'm feeling the WWI. And johnny, the gas just passed and I'm still feeling it...
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    even the fact they'll be linking Diablo3.com to Diablofans.com till June (WWI) and then to their own url *hint* is kind of suspicious, dont you all think?
    Thats more of a hype than i had expected to be honest, now i'm about 99% sure and just expect the final announcement and screenshots!

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    holy crap thats alot of web shakin, if it keeps up the spider might be annoyed :p

    but really, its a freakin lot thats for sure hehe

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    I thought it was supposed to be shaken on May first...

    Guess the shaking was post poned...

    I like that... "The Shaking"... Sounds like a scary book/movie...
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    Many sites shook on May 1 ... but if you throw a rock into a pond, you will still see ripples going off outwards. What you don't realize is that those many game sites in each language, in each country ... are news source to other gaming sites. Which in turn are news source to smaller sites and blogs.

    That's what we call a chain reaction. Blizzard better announce it at WWI ... otherwise they will need a lot of bodyguards lol.
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    This should make quite a number of people happy in June if the rumors don't lie...
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    You are such a good explainer.@MD

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    I'm greatly sure it will be announced at 28th or 29th June 2008 at France !

    The "World Invitation" Thing makes quite sense to make such a ruckus about that...

    All the sites are clearly announcing that Blizzard has taken all diablo 3 related domains for the fans to go on spreading rumours about this great game...

    U french guys are goddamn lucky...I hope it could be taken place in Greece.

    I read that site for the World Invitation...They will have the opportunity to test out WoW: Wrath of The Lich King(New Expansion) + Starcraft II, even they will make a lot of happenings and events.The great event i want so much must be Diablo III.

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