Need some help with my character :)

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    Hello DiabloFans!

    I've been lurking the forums for quite some time now, got 3 characters on lvl 70 at the moment.

    I've been playing my Wizard at sometimes when I don't play my WD anymore. But the problem has arisen: Which build do I need to pick?

    I've seen a nice Arcane build on YouTube (Too lazy to find the vid ._., Can't even remember from who the build was so >_<), so that is why I have these skills on here at the moment of typing.

    Char link:

    So I had some questions:

    1. Which build is the best for patch 2.0.6 for now?

    2. On which gear should I be focusing at the moment?

    3. I DO have an extra RRoG in my stash ready for use, it isn't the best but it would work for now.


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    1. Explosive blast if you have the wand of woh and fire archon with magic missile if you don't.

    2. Everything. All your gear slots need replacing eventually.

    3. If you have the set peices then using a bad rorg is worth it.

    Wizards are generally in a bad spot at the moment but you have a lot of room to improve so i wouldn't really worry about what build is the best right now and just focus on the gear you got and build around it. Try doing some rift it forward and gambling armor peices for a chance to get full tal / vyr, etc...
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    I use this on my wizard(my 4th character) and it's works really well for how less time I invested in it. I can do T4 with no problem only by using crafted gear and 2 jade items borrowed from my witch doctor(for extra 500 intel, because why not)

    Hope it helps
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    The only item on your character that you might keep for a longer time is the Stone of Jordan. Unfortunately it rolled lightning, which is the weakest element for wizards right now, but it doesn't really matter; I would keep it (unless you find a Unity, which is a very good alternative at your gear level and even an end-game item if you find two of those and use it on your follower with the "follower can't die" legendary item).

    Like Jamoose said - all other gear needs to be replaced in the end. Rare items aren't really end-game content, and the legendaries you have (except the SoJ) are all not end-game gear. That being said, you have other things to worry about for now.

    I'd say the quickest way for you to gear up is crafting (given that you have the necessary plans already), especially since you have the Ring of Royal Grandeur. Many sets are useful depending on the build you want to play:

    • Aughild's is great in general, and an endgame set, because of the 3 piece bonus.
    • Asheara's is great because of 100 all resist and the 4 set bonus if you decide to use a follower. (20% life are NOT the reason why you want this set.)
    • Born's is awesome if you decide to use cooldown spells.
    • Cain's is nice because of the attack speed; if you use channeling spells though stay away from this set!!!
    • Captain Crimson's is a very decent overall set with cooldown reduction, resource cost reduction, and 50 all resist - it's probably the second best after Aughild's overall and the 2nd priority to craft.

    Forget all other crafted sets.

    Legendary items that are worth crafting are Utar's Roar if you go cold or Devastator if you go fire. Cosmic Strand is a very nice starter orb; I see you're not using Teleport but give it a try. It's a life saver in solo play and almost essential in any quick group as all classes have some sort of speed buff similar to Teleport.

    Pick a combination of set items/slots that sounds reasonable to you and craft a few items, equip your Ring of Grandeur and it should look much better.

    Here's a breakdown of stats you want to get on all the specific slots (obviously intelligence on EVERY slot, so I'm omitting that):

    • Helmet: critical hit chance, socket, vitality. You can give up on the socket if you're not using cooldown spells.
    • Shoulders: depending on your build cooldown reduction (Archon build) or resource cost reduction (channeling spells like Arcane Torrent); toughness stats (vitality, all resist, armor)
    • Chest: 3 sockets, high armor roll (500+). Fourth stat vitality or all resist or 11% elite damage reduction or whatever you prefer.
    • Bracers: critical hit chance, elemental damage bonus, toughness stat (vitality, all resist, or armor). Note that bracers are very expensive to craft now  (120 Arcane Dust, will be lowered to 72 with 2.1, so don't craft too many).
    • Pants: 2 sockets, high armor roll (500+), vitality or all resist.
    • Gloves: critical hit chance (absolutely must-have on gloves), critical hit damage, and depending on your build attack speed or cooldown reduction. If you are below 250k life overall, you can also get vitality here (rolls up to 750).
    • Belt: vitality, all resist, armor. Never life%, and only damage spell that makes sense is Magic Missile if you have a Mirrorball.
    • Boots: movement speed (until you are paragon 200 - then max movement speed in paragon and remove it from boots); toughness stats (vitality, amor, all resist).
    • Amulet: critical hit chance can roll up to 100 on an amulet and is therefore #1 priority, absolute must. Critical hit chance is #2, followed by elemental damage. Amulet is the one slot where your main stat is only priority number #4!
    • Rings: critical hit damage (you'll have more CHC than CHD because of your orb, therefore CHD is more important on rings); critical hit chance, and cooldown reduction. However, in the end you can't have all of those because endgame rings (Stone of Jordan, Ring of Grandeur, Unity) have fixed rolls, therefore just keep in mind the order "main stat > CHD > CDR/CHC" for rings and you'll be fine.
    • Orb: critical hit damage, vitality, your main damage spell as damage bonus (socket is also acceptable; it's very difficult to re-roll a perfect orb so don't waste too much here).
    • Weapon: high damage (check the blue damage roll range, 1199-1490 is max, so anything above 1100-1400 is quite good); socket is an absolute must. Including main stat that's already 3 primary affixes - the fourth one depends on which weapon/spec you have. For all weapons that have an element affix (like Devastator) that's already the fourth affix and you should keep that; Sunkeeper is also awesome because of the up to 30% elite damage. The best weapons are the Wand of Woh or Thunderfury, but many other weapons are viable as well. Take what you can get a hold of.

    Regarding a build, read Jaetch's guide. Nothing to add there.

    As for toughness, make sure to check your life as well; stay away from life % on items and focus on mitigation first (armor, all resist, melee/ranged/elite damage reduction - the first two are secondary affixes, so those are important to consider as well). Keep your life somewhere at 250k-300k, or 350k in the beginning if you feel too squishy, but not much higher. Here's a good thread that elaborates on why toughness is oftentimes misleading us. And here's a calculator that let's you calculate your mitigation. I see that your gems are really low level - until you have the money to upgrade to at least 220 int topazes just put diamonds in all your armor sockets, they offer much better bang for your buck. Also note that four slots can roll higher armor (up to 595) than the others - chest, pants, amulet, and helmet - which is why armor is a must on chest and pants (if it rolls 500+, it can also roll the lower 350+ roll, in which case it's not better but just on par with other stats). On amulet and helmet, other stats are more desirable.

    Good luck with the hunt!

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    For the best dps as wizard i suggest you gear with FIRE element damage, and mirrorball as source (with 2 bonus projectiles ofc). If you want to add archon in your build dont forget to have CDR (50% or more). I know you mentioned about ARCANE build, but i think its not worth for now because of incoming nerfs to Arcane Torrent and Desintegrate (initial AP cost will hurt so much) which are imho the best arcane spells. I suggest you FIRE because its the best for now and shall/will be on incoming 2.1 i guess.

    Key items:

    - Mirrorball (obtainable from Kadala)

    BiS items for build i suggest:

    - Vyr's Set (also obtainable and even not that hard as it sounds)
    - Thunderfury (not worth to gamble for imho, matter of luck in rifts)
    - Strongarm bracers (huge boost to dmg after Black Hole)
    - Harrington Waistguard or Witching Hour as belt

    and Aughild's Helmet + Aughild's Shoulders that you can easily craft.

    Try to join to Rift it Forward community for a fast blood shards farm. It should help you to get your first items you need.
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    I love your write-up Bagstone :) Always been such a fan about it :)

    My wizard has had changed several times. I started to obtain Cains right after the first gem-cost re-adjustment.

    I used Cains Gloves + Cains Boots --> Captains Belt + Captains Boots (because I was still using my ONLY ever-dropped Level 60 Hexing Pants from my DH that rolled INT during the Live 2.0, and I only re-rolled for 40 more int later on in Official RoS)

    And then I moved onward to Magefist after I moved onto Captain's.

    Then I gradually moved onto Born's Shoulders and Chest for more CDr.

    Then after the patch where they took out the necessary mats, I crafted 3 Aughild Shoulders again, the 3rd one turned out to be "one of most ideal"

    479 int / 446 vit / 8 CDr / 15 E. Blast / 155 Arcane Res (wish this was lightning) / 32gf --> re-rolled for 25.1k hglobes, this is way before we were told about the upcoming changes to H.Globes for Greater Rifts and what-not.

    This most recent shoulders caused me to revert back to my 2nd-ever Cindercoat (both were Kadala).

    It is definitely amazing how the mentioned craft-able set bonuses help so much in starting out the Wizard Class (especially Aughild's for just about every class), I really cannot wait for the new gems to kick in.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    Some Examples that will guide direction of progression
    1) Aughild's Shoulders + Helm/Bracers;
    2) Magefist + Cindercoat
    3) TFury+Mirrorball / WoH + Mirrorball/Firebirds Eye/Triumvirate
    4) Tal's + Vyr's Mix for Archon builds (such that you can enable proc for Meteor from the Final Bonus of Tal's)

    There are certain awesome combinations that Wizards around the world run. To OP, take your time tweaking towards the help that Bagstone has clearly offered for each slot.
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