[Build]Shockingly good (Lightning based build)

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    Hello, and thanks for checking out my build. This won't be for everyone, but I've been enjoying it as an alternate to the constant Frozen Orb and Disintegrate builds I've been seeing. This build works for me on Torment 1, which is what I play, although I've played on 2 and had no problems, I see no reason why it couldn't go higher!


    As you can see, I've taken Energy Twister with the Storm Chaser rune. The Storm Chaser rune allows you to gain 1 stack every time you cast E.T, up to a maximum of 3 stacks. Once you have a stack, you can cast Electrocute to cast off a ball of Lightning damage, although you're going to wait til you've got 3 stacks before you fire it off!!
    One thing I have changed (but this is entirely your choice) is Blackhole has been switched out for Archon, as I believe it rips through elites much quicker, but this is personal choice, and the video at the bottom shows me using Blackhole against elites to show how it works.

    Combat routine is simple -

    • Open with 3 Energy Twisters
    • Mobs are too spread out? Pop Black hole, and bunch them all up, otherwise skip this step
    • Fire off your Electrocute into the center of the mobs, firing your ball of Lightning. Continue firing your Electrocute until you have full AP (unless everything is low hp, then just finish them off with Elec).
    • Repeat until all is dead.
    The balls of lightning have been hitting for me for anywhere between 7 and 15 million a hit, and with a faster APS you can be firing them very, very often. It's also worth taking APoC, as combined with Forked Lightning, you'll be able to get your 3 Stack of E.T up very easily!

    Obviously gear wise you want the standard stuff (Crit Chance, Crit dmg, Attackspeed) but you'll also want anything that gives +lightning or +electrocute damage. My electrocute whipes out packs of standard mobs easily on Torment 1.

    I've uploaded a video, although it's a bit old and I've updated some gear since (such as getting a Fulminator and a Myken's Ball of Hate, which work amazingly well together).


    If you have any questions or want to check my wizard out, my battletag is Matt#2329
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