Orbital Bombardment Wizard (Arcane build, 1 legendary essential)

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    After i saw pretty similar build by Baabayaga i decide to post mine, its diffrent in few key points so i think its deserve another topic.

    Moonlight Ward - your only needed legendar is bassicaly dubles your Arcane Orb spell, only with higher dmg (290-320% range, where AO is 226%). It gives you effective source of meele range dmg, with spectral blade and arcane orb its more than enough to make build around it ;)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXnuDaSAyTk&feature=youtu.be&proxmate=us <Gameplay, recorded with potato, raw footage, any montage, i recorded first time, so i dont even have idea why they're some abberation with colors and sound, sorry for that
    http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Nemelol-2379/hero/96021 <Armory
    http://i.imgur.com/kcGck8G.jpg <actual stats in game with buffs (Old, from original post)
    Skill calculator
    All of dmg spells are arcane, its pretty self explanatory with this legendary. Sparkflint+Force Weapon+Pinpoint Barier - you dont need anything except spectral blades and arcane orb so its natural choice. If you dont have apoc items take Siphoning Blade rune for Spectral Blades. On higher difficulties (t5) i use Prismatic Armor rune in place of Pinpoint Barier.
    You have 1 talent slot free - i highly recomended Archon, synergy with this build is obvious and really powerful, with +% arcane dmg its absolutly insane, and even higher thoughness when in Archon form makes us trully invicible (depends on torment ^^). If you prefer something else - take it :) Your game - your rules ;P
    Alternatives for Archon:
    Teleport-Calamity - take Illusionist passive with that. Jump in, stun+dmg, take hit, jump in 2 yards near, stun+dmg. Repeat.

    On lvl 70 - i probably try Black Hole with Event Horizon or Spellsteal rune in place of Armor (Pinpoing Barier gives least of all dps buffs). If there is one skill i want to borrow from other classes it will be Cyclone Strike from Monk, and voila!

    Im not even remotly close to anything related to theorycrafting in Diablo, but as you can see at my armory, the main focus is survi, so high thougness is mandatory. You need to stay alive to unleash your arcane fury :) I dont have many items which increase drastically my dmg so im not sure how you should trade dmg for thoughness for best effects, if anyone can check it and give as few points it will be good;)
    On Torment III - you need at least 750k thougness to not dancing near mobs like a chicken without head on few % of hp after 1hit , with 1.1kk im running Torment IV without any problem.

    Core - Movement Speed - you need to stay in meele range so its vital for you
    Offensive - One that give you most dps, im using Critical Hit dmg
    Defensive - Same as offensive, im using resist all
    Utility - whatever you want, area dmg or life on hit are probably best
    There is no "must have" here so you're free to decide by yourself, atm im running with int instead of movement speed because i play mostly with friend who play frost mage, do i dont need additional speed.

    Passive Skils: Glass Canon+Temporal Flux+Blur
    1. Blur - 17% lesser dmg is too good to not be taken
    2. Glass Canon - 15% dmg, -10% resist & armor, still really good.
    3. Temporal Flux or Unstable Anomaly.
    To be honest, everything except blur is your own preference, im running Temporal Flux playing alone, and Unstable Anomaly when in party, because almost always someone have another slow, so a bit extra survi is always nice. Even blur is not 100% mandatory, if you feel that you can manage without it - dont take it.
    On lvl 70 - Unwavering Will and Audicity will be insane, i probably will use Blur+Glass Canon+Unwavering Will+Audicity

    What you need:
    - Moonlight Ward (its basically doubles the arcane orb effect, with even higher dmg, 320% > 226%)
    - arcane +% dmg items
    - few apoc, ~10 is alright, i run with 7, and its enough , if you dont have any on your items you can easily cover it with passive skills or runes
    -high thougness, you will be standing in meele range

    weapon with % dmg converted too life will be probably insane for this build (not sure, i dont have any:<)

    - Insane dmg, 198k dps, +65% arc dmg - 102kk dmg in 24s
    - high effectiveness, you're just runing through enemies
    - dmg on singe and multi target is same, so doing 1kk dps on single target means that you're doing 3kk dps on 3 enemies

    - with my gear running on torment 6 is pretty impossible, torment 6 = 2-3 shotting from elites, on torment 3 you're almost immune for everything, you can die only with insane bad luck (fear into beams etc), on torment 5 some mobs or affixes are problematic, but its still pretty smooth gameplay
    - pretty similar gameplay to cm wizard, after first imperssion of badassnes expire you're just standing and spaming 2 buttons

    If someone have any questions - ask here or add me on bnet - Nemelol#2379

    10/03 -i make few changes, added my actual stats, gameplay footage and skill calculator link and my thouhts about lvl 70
    15/03 -added calamity options, updated torments lvl possible for current gear from armory
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    Works better with Arcane Torrent: Cascade as a way to deal damage and continuously proc moonlight ward. It's also way more arcane power efficient against a single target as you can drop casting arcane orbs to only cast when you have more targets in range.
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    You dont get the point. Using arcane torrent is stright way to kill all of efficency of this build. You dont use spectral blades when you're out of arcane power - you use it always, aswell as Arcane Orb because you can use BOTH this skills in same time. Also Spectrafl Blades are for proc moonlight ward, arcane orbs are for additional pure dmg. And you cant do it with any other skill that have decent synergy (or any overall i think, but im not sure honestly).

    I should post some video of gameplay for good example, but i never record anything. I see what i can do.
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    With 10 APOC, and a cost reduction SoJ on arcane torrent I can continually cast arcane torrent on a group of mobs while also refreshing arcane orbit.

    I also think you are gravely overestimating how many procs are needed to saturate your moonlight ward.
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    Yep Arcane torrent is pretty damn amazing and will out damage blades and orbs easily. I run 10% reduction, -5 soj, 9 apoc and I can channel it forever.

    And yes, I have the same amulet and I run a total of 34% more arcane damage, and 26% more damage to Arcane Torrent.

    Having said that, the wiz is probably the most diverse class right now and so many builds are effective. If that's whats working for you, thats great.
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    I just got Moonlight ward tonight, and you're right, its a must have. Its absolutely amazing the amount of dps this can put out on melee packs.
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    I just have to say that this is by far the most fun build I have probably ever played! Try it with area dmg and it's amazing! Thanks man :D
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    I had great fun with the Moonlight Ward found while leveling, was using it with WoF.
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    I'm missing the Moonlight Ward to try this build, but I've been saving a couple of legendaries that I think would work fine with this build!

    I got the Deathwatch mantle, that has a chance to explode with fan of knives when you're hit and the Pox Faulds, that releases a poison cloud when theres more than 3 enemies around you.

    I want the Moonlight Ward so much :(
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    This build is pretty amazing! I just so happened to have gotten Moonlight Ward last night and it just so happened to be mandatory for this build. All in all, it works great. It does get a little tedious, but works well. I like having Archon to help power through tough elites, but I feel like there's got to be something more interesting to put there... but I don't have enough survivability to experiment yet, so I still lean on it when I can't stand still and dps an elite.
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    You can try a build that i've been running for a while which is a combination of your orbital bombardment and arcane torrent. Basically, arcane orbit is on your right click and AT is on your left click. Teleport with calamity into pack of mobs, start AT'ing everything... cast arcane orbit when all the orbs explode. GG.
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    Yeah, I have been running a very simmilar build with Teleport>Calamity. With 450k toughness I can run T4 with the illusionist passive. When you are doing so much damage, you can spam teleport after every single time you take a hit. As you're teleporting the damage you are outputting mixed in with your health regen will then fill your bar back up. I've been hoping to get the Oculus (http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-oculus) to wormhole the calamity making this a rediculously overpowered build. <:section> I have also considered but havent tested yet using Mirror Image>Mocking demise to increase the aoe damage. This build would be a repeat to the old Frost Spam CM build at this point, but has huge potential.
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    I have (had) similar setup on my freshly dinged Wiz. It's only Torment I so I don't need Blur, even with Glass Cannon taken. Instead, I run Arcane Dynamo (+60% dmg on all Arcane Orb explosions), Cold Blooded, and Ice Armor with Storm rune (for CB + snaring + auto barrel breaking since I'm lazy).
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    I actually made this build myself from scratch last night.... With 1 major difference, I skip the archon for teleport.

    I find the teleport passive working really well too. As you teleport in melee range, take a hit, teleport refreshes cooldown.

    As that happens, you 1-2 shot the entire pack, and teleport right to the next one with wormhole. Where you get hit... teleport refreshes.... you get the idea....
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    I tried Calamity on the place of Archon and i have mixed feelings, it gives you much more speed with trash mobs and slower you at elites. With Archon when i run into elites i just go god mode archon ssj and melting them in few sec. Beside, sometimes i just teleportem into trash pack and must run to another because any of them wasnt fast enough to hit me before i wipe them ~~ Anyway i add it as a good replace for Archon in first post.

    Currently i play mainly at t5 with ~185k dps in chart and 1.7kk thougness. I feel its faster for paragon lvling than facerolling t3, but not rly sure about it. I dont have too much time to play diablo lately anyway. I changed for that Pinpoint Barier for Prismatic Armor, or i take Ice Armor with Crystalize. Diffrence is ~50k thougness but i have 12% reduction for meele hits and chance to chill and froze enemies.
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    I discovered this build by pure chance as well. I'm running a version with Arcane Dynamo and Teleport - Calamity, and Cannoneer for maximum arcane powah. I run T5, mobs melt instantly, elites get destroyed. The build gets killed pretty easily by Electrify or Arcane enchanted, but goddamn the dps this build delivers is insane. And I don't even have Wand of Woh to add Explosive Blast. It would make T6 a breeze.

    I use the shield blades because the thrown blades don't bring your character to the melee range when spammed, and the proccing range of the orbs and moonlight ward are really short, you HAVE to be on top of them.

    Why is this amulet so powerful? Does it take into account +arcane "skills" damage?

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    My Build I'm useing


    Instead of arcan orbit you can use spectral blade if you don't have enough APoC

    What you do is basicly jump in mobs use arcan torrent and spam teleport since the cd resets every time you get hit you can spam it and perma stun.

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    An alternative to Spectral Blade is Magic Missile with Mirrorball, an offhand that looks like this :

    Magic Missile - Charged Blast, 240% weapon damage, is then fired 3 times, raising this signature spell to 720% weapon damage. This shit is hitting even harder than Arcane Orb - Obliteration and Meteor - Star Pact on single-target. I ditched my legacy offhand for this.

    Sure, you don't deal as much damage as Spectral Blade on a pack, but Magic Missile has a 100% coefficient on Life on Hit, and it means with 2K LoH, I'm able to regen 6K life per cast. When this build requires as much toughness as you can, having this much regen is a godsend.

    "But if your Magic Missile don't hit their target, you don't regen as much" The answer is simple, pick Seeker rune. Your Magic missile will lose 29% weapon damage, so you lose 87% wpn damage per cast, but you're almost guaranteed to hit. That's an alternative, who would lose 87% wpn damage anyways, right?

    edit: I managed to loot a second Mirrorball in the same night, and I have to say the second one is shit. The legendary affix that can allow you to shoot 2 missiles can roll 1. Yes, only one additional Magic Missile. And the legendary affixes can't be re-rolled with the Mystic. Hope the luck is with you if you aim for this legendary.
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