Upgrade Gems or Replace a Item.

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    As the topic says, upgrade gems or replace a item, whats peoples opinions....
    (CM Wiz)

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    I'd replace your rings, both of them, with IAS/CC versions. You really should be at the 2.5 APS breakpoint at least. With your current weapon, that requires 61% IAS on gear, which means you need max IAS ringx2 and max IAS witching hour, and then need 1% more IAS from another piece. You'll lose some LoH from the rings but you should be fine on that with your BT combo plus storm crow.

    The reason to reach 2.5 APS is it raises your effective dps quite a bit. It also leads to considerably more CM procs which increases your survivability and LoH returns.
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    Not sure if current gear on armory is your cm gear or used for archon...

    - Only 1 piece with apoc(stormcrow)
    - Next to no all res on items
    - Bracers with knockback = meh for cm
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    I overlooked the APoC part. I guess I just assumed that the wand gave APoC, but it does not. In that case, get another APoC piece. The problem is an APoC OH is rediculously expensive for even moderate damage, and an APoC weapon means you'd have to get a Chanto, which can also be somewhat expensive. On the other hand, it would let you get a higher base APS, which would make reaching the 2.5 and 2.73 breakpoints much easier, so I'd go with a chanto MH. I'd start with a high APS version with IAS. That will make it much easier to reach the higher breakpoints, and 2.73 is pretty important for Ubers.
    Wizard DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, mostly useful for wizards.
    Crusader DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, meant for Crusaders
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    thanks for the advise.
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    I strongly recommand reading http://www.diablofan...ive-cmww-guide/

    You will get an idea why using certain items/stats to get the cm/ww spec running. In terms of current upgrades:

    - Like loroese mentioned get an chantodo mainhand. You already using the offhand and the 2pc bonus is awesome for cm.
    - Depends if you wanne reach a certain ww breakpoint and need the attackspeed get lacuni bracers with all res. If you are good on attackspeed then stick with rare bracers with +80 int/vit, +65 all res and high crit chance
    - Replace both rare rings with ias/cc/int/usefull res and/or vit/armor to achieve at least the 2,3x ww breakpoint.
    - Replace your current belt. You miss alot of all res on it. A cheap rare belt with high vit/all res and some int proberly will do the job for now
    - Your stormcrow got an int roll as random affix. I would either go for a stormcrow with crit chance and if you cant afford those just get a cheap with +60 all res.

    Your sheet dps will drop down quite alot since you will loose like all your crit hit damage but your effective damage with an proper cm spec will go up.
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    cant rly do much in terms of getting the bits i need then for a little while, need to farm up somehting that will sell well, ill repost in this topic when replaced said items, cheers again guys. (oh and yea i was archon for ages too Shinna as u mentiond that in ur previous post)
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    changed a few items, got new weap, new rings, did buy a mempo but not with crit on unfortunatly, and not gonna use it till got a new offhand with apoc on it, will use the storm crow till get another peice with apoc on then use the mempo.
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    the bracers u recommended are insanely priced lol and so is a mempo with crit on it, cant get them yet. so will get another mempo with crit on at a later date too.
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    Lacunis without crit chance are fairly cheap. Its just about to balance your gear. ;) Thats why i recommanded reading the cm/ww guide to get an idea what kind of items you will need to achieve certain ww breakpoints and where to get the stats i.e. ias and crit chance from.
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    You have good on screen paper DPS but seems like you have no resists and you're not hitting optimal ww breakpoints (which would increase your true damage and procs). I agree you should really read through Loroese's excellent guide.

    You can also find a good deal on Lacunis with some crit chance, you just can't go for other things like all resists as it'll drive up the price too much. I got a int/armor/crit one a decent price.
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    i know m8, this has already been mentiond, as i stated i have bought a mempo ( has tons of resist all on it) but wont use it till get a offhand with apoc on it. also just gotten some bracers & am looking at replaceing the belt today too.
    Lacunis with some crit chance Ras are expencive atm, dunno were ur looking for a pair cos i see the ah atm with a few on that start at 8 mill + and have a awfully low amount of int on (20 int), if u want say 70-100 int on them then your looking at 30-60 mill, (only had 5 mill left) so spent on bracers with all resist.
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    if i equip my mempo i get 2.68 attack speed, but then i will only have x1 item again with apoc on it. since useing x2 with apoc on it i instantly noticed the difference. still wont use mempo till i get new offhand (chanto's force ofc).
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    so i got a new offhand with apoc on it, and am now wearing the mempo i got, (no crit on it ;( ), next is belt on the list, still am short on attack speed though.
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    changed a ring and now am on 2.74 attack speed.
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    You got the 2,73 ww breakpoint but your crit chance is kinda low atm. Not for any kinda of e-peen(my eu cm is far from being great :P) just for gettin some ideas ill link you both of my cm wiz.

    US Wiz for like 12mil budget:

    EU Wiz for like 300mil total:

    Using your spec my us wiz would hit close to 100k sheet dps but i cant use glass cannon since i would loose way to much ehp and i like teleport for a quick escape from the heat more then havin some extra dps. Magic weapon is a decent dps boost but i wouldnt use force wep rune. The knockback procs all the time and is annoying as hell. Constantly kicking mobs out of twister range is just a waste of arcane power and damage. :) If you want more damage then might think about slow time/time warp rune. It offers a 20% damage boost which is better then magic wep anyways and offers a bit more utility.
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    cheers shinna
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    i gave mp10 ago last night, was so funny, took a little while killing champs & eilites & died only 2 times in the duraion i tryd it for too. had to stop though cos my bloody hand started to hurt from spamming ablitys so much ;p but as i said it was great fun still. nice to be able to actually kill stuff and not get smashd every try.
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    changed boots just now, more int changed the lightning resist to phisical resist and immobolise on hit added, slightly less vit then my other ones.
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    lookin better :) hmm here's a thought, wonder if zuni's can roll random immobilize on hit? thats off topic but damn that'd be useful
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