would like to run a CM build

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    hey guys!
    im trying to save up around 30 - 50million to spend on new gear to help me make an efficient CM build. any help and tips would be awesome
    /d3/en/profile/fluroblue-6614/hero/1224274 all the pieces i got for under 200k. would i be strong enough now to play in mp0 ??
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    Replace your triumvirate for a new one with APoC and higher average damage. Secondly buy a cheap Storm Crow helmet with socket, which you want to have an exp gem in. You should be ready for CM build at low MP. Save your big bucks for zuni boots, witching hour, mempo etc.
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    All your questions will be answered here.
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    add me, ghonosyph#1821

    just triple upgraded my wizard for cm wiith several millions worth... bought tons of gear then replaced right away with even better gear... i've got a lot left over to buy for cheap to get you set up well :) hit me up in game =)
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    CM for farming is a terrible idea. Your fingers will literally fall off, lol

    Look into archon, it's a much faster farming build and you won't need to spend 30-50M on it. If you buy some pieces of gear that have crit chance and/or attack speed on them, you can use them for both CM (uber/key farming) and Archon (leveling, finding gear) like I do.
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    My wizard was level 57 when I saw this video. As soon as I hit 60, I made my way into the auction house with a little help from this video. Hopefully this is helpful to you as well. Good luck :)

    P.S. I agree that CM is terrible for farming. I suggest perma-archon for farming mp0/mp1, very easy to do. This video should help with that.

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    ^^ This.

    Exactly what Enyr said. Solo Farming ?? => Permarchon is definitely the way to go for efficiency.
    CMWW is very good either for higher MPs (do NOT expect efficiency, just "I canz do it" and that's all) OR for farming in Group when everyone else does the DPS and you only are here to perma-CC everything so your friends can DPS "brainless".
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    1) Why are you necro-ing this thread?

    2) While I agree with you that Archon is better than CMWW for solo farming, there are a few people who are absolutely happy farming solo with CMWW. Especially if you're on low budget and want to include farming keys in your runs, CMWW gets you access to higher MPs. In general, Archon = solo, CMWW = group, but there many exceptions (there are awesome Archon wizards even in MP10 groups, but there are also quite a few happy CMWW solo farmers).

    3) Not sure if you only want to point to the quote by Enyr or the videos... but no one should *only* watch these videos, as they imho skip on too many important things and aren't 100% correct. We have the two best D3 guides here on the DiabloFans wizard forums - Loroese's CMWW guide and Jaetch's Archon video guide.
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    ^ these are probably the definitive guides for these builds anywhere.
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