New D3 Player, need advice in general about builds/gear upgrade paths

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    Hi Guys,

    I am pretty new to D3, just started playing a couple months ago. I just recently reached level 60 and inferno mode. I did a little bit of research about what gear was good, and the stats, then bought within my budget. I wanted to do a CMWW build, but I think I am too poor for that atm.

    Here is my character at the moment.

    I would like some suggestions of a viable build that I can run with my current gear doing MP1 or MP2 in inferno, and beating the game while killing packs quickly most of the time.

    Also, I would like some tips on what to upgrade first in order to reach good stats for a typical CMWW build. Also, is there an estimate of how much gold I would need in order to buy this stuff?

    Thanks in advance!
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    from what i've seen on your armory, you lack a couple basic things for cmww to work:

    Arcane Power on Crit - Atleast 18+
    Crit Chance - The more the better, i suggest atleast 40% to be sure to have a good refresh of cooldowns

    Attack Speed - The more the better, but you have a good amount

    The best thing i have to say, is to read this guide here on Diablofans:

    It's very informative, and has 3 different gear levels with breakpoints.

    Also, you have really low resistances, maybe enough for mp1-2, but if you want to try higher mps, i suggest to stack more.

    Feel free to watch my profile in signature, not the best cmww out there, but good enough to farm mp10, just for an idea.

    (Sry for my poor english, but i'm not a native speaker)
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    Doesn't look too bad. I'd spec Archon and go for either act 3 MP0 (Keep Depths 2) or, if it works at similar speed the "regular" act 1 route (Leorics Manor, Festering Woods til 5 stacks, then clear Fields of Misery, Weeping Hollow) on MP1 (increase if you feel like it, check out the thread by Loroese with dps/ehp figures).

    For gear, I'd look for more crit and crit damage first to improve that Archon farming, attack speed is very important for CMWW, but it doesn't increase dps that much and you'll eventually have different gear sets for both specs anyway.
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