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    Hey there,

    I'm a CM wiz looking for some gear advice.

    I've been upgrading my gear so I get to the higher APS breakpoints, and now my wiz is this one:

    It has 3.03 APS and 265k EHP.

    Also, I have a Chantodo's wand without the IAS, which gives me more damage (135k, up from 110k) but I only get 2.8 APS.

    The way I'm thinking, maybe I should get an APoC Chantodo OH. That way I could change the Storm Crow (which kinda feels like the weakest link) for a Mempo, but I would lose CC. However I would get more APS and I could use the other wand or trade the Tal Rasha for a Zuni and get more EHP. However, this would be costly for the profit...

    Any other ideas?

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    If you don't get a Mempo without crit chance, then don't get a Mempo. Also, remember that the SC is not just good because of APoC - you would also lose LoH. The equation is always the same: Mempo with crit chance+APoC Chanto OH+LoH on rings/amulet or SC+full dps/ehp on OH/jewelry. Therefore, SC is not the "weakest link" but rather a facilitator for gear.

    In general I think you should bump your EHP such that you don't need EA anymore. If you can switch to Storm Armor that would give you a huge damage boost. Also, your paragon level is really really low; just by playing a bit you will gain some stats there as well.

    I'd not trade the Tal chest for a Zuni - if you want more EHP and/or want to go down to the 2.73 break point, get rid of Lacuni Bracers and get some rare or crafted bracers.
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    But how can I boost the EHP without trading the Tal for Zuni? My first guess would be Lacunis, but without them I'll never get above 3.0 (2.87 with the IAS chantodo and 2.66 without).

    Also, is it better 110k with 3.03 APS or 135k at 2.80 APS?
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    All these decisions (APS, DPS, EHP to aim for) depend on your playstyle and personal flavor. Ubers or elites? The more monsters are around you, the less APS you need; for ubers 3.03 is desirable, for farming in a group on MP7-8 an APS of 2.73 is just fine. But it's also quite subjective. Same with DPS and EHP - if I'm with a group of friends I'll go with less DPS but make sure everything's locked in place, and I'd be fine with 110k DPS, but I really don't wanna die and have ~600k EHP. Farming on my own means that I can be a bit more risky but I want things to die quickly.

    I really don't wanna ask your question with a definite answer. To be honest, even after hundreds of hours of playing I still have both Chanto's in my inventory and switch sometimes even during the fight.

    Edit: And yeah, getting more EHP will also become costly; for example, you could get a Chanto with vitality, a Tal's with armor or allres, or EHP stats on some of the 4 DPS-items (jewelry and gloves). That's why EHP bracers are so great (as long as you're fine with a break point lower than 3.03). If you want all of it (3.03 APS, high EHP, high DPS) it's just always gonna be expensive ;)
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