CM Wiz upgrades?

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    Hey folks,

    I'm asking myself what would be the best / cheapest to upgrade at this point.


    Mp 10 is no problem, but its a little slow.

    What would you suggest to upgrade?

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    With 400ish LoH and 240k EHP "M10 no problem"? Well, whatever works for you... of course, you're using EA:PA but it's still not enough EHP imho.

    Get a bit more EHP (in particular your resists are awfully low) such that you can drop Energy Armor and switch to Shocking Aspect. That'll increase your DPS by 20-30%.

    If you read the CMWW guide you'll find that getting a Chantodo's without APoC and switching to a Storm Crow will give you more DPS and a bit more survivability (more LoH) for little money. Alternatively, you could get a Mempo without crit (vitality or armor as bonus roll) - would be an insane EHP boost and I think you could still maintain your stunlock despite the decreased crit chance.

    That being said, there are no "cheap" upgrades at this point without extremely sacrificing EHP (and you really can't afford to lose EHP). I'd probably try to get new boots (Ice Climbers?) and a Tal Rasha's chest; the IAS on Tal's would allow for getting rid of Lacuni's and replacing them with 250+ int/5%+ crit/good EHP bracers (given some crafting luck).
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    Great tips, thanks,
    I'll focus to get a new CW and storm crown.
    Beside that, I try for weeks to get a good roll on crafted shoulders / hands, no luck so far...
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    Hands? Wow. The ones you have are quite good, you might spend BILLIONS in crafting more gloves and not get an upgrade. Shoulders can be difficult, yours aren't bad either, but might be worth a shot. But beating trifecta gloves/amulet by hoping for crafting luck is a long shot. Therefore... if I were you I'd rather craft bracers and some shoulders ;-)
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    That makes quite much sense ^^
    I'll give bracers a shot :)
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    You barely have any resistances or armor. SA adds about 40-50% true damage, its huge. Ideally you want to gear to be able to use SA and not rely on Prismatic armor. The one diamond skin works, mitigation is plays a bigger factor for CMs than it does for other builds. For MP10, I'd shoot for at least 4k armor and 800 resists to be comfortable.
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