What can I do to improve my archon wiz?

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    So topic title says it all, what can do to improve my wiz?

    Hellfire ring it's only placeholder, I forgot to unlog with the other ring I have, a rare one similar to the other.
    Zunis I use for low mp, i have a pair of ice climbers too (without ms) and it's hard to me to play without 24% ms

    The build is for roflstomp low mp, usually is a regular hybrid archon.

    Finally, I don't have the gold for a crit int mempo (yet) I'm cheap as hell, i know.

    Thanks in advance.

    I almost forgot! link http://eu.battle.net...18/hero/1015746

    also, bad english, I'm trying!
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    you could try your luck with shoulder crafting but then again your vile ward is good in armor and vit/allresist though a shoulder craft gives higher int, just takes a while to get a good one.

    your armor inna pants could be changed for an int/vit one if you want more vit/dps.

    trium can be better but then again the market is a funny right now for those. a double int/vit with 665 at 8.5 cc would be swell

    zuni boots must have all resist imo. you're lacking all resist.

    gloves can be better, best with all resist too :D. trifecta is the way to go here if you can manage to craft one.

    if you ditched armor inna pants, get it from high armor tal with double int/vit

    mempo is a bit of a debate imo. closest thing that could compare a non cc mempo is a good tal helm

    witching hour should be double int/vit 9/45+

    my suggestion for getting all resists are from: shoulders/helm/boots/gloves/bracers.
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    Hey ,

    i want to abuse this thread for my own upgrade question ( Sorry fanim :) )

    I´m a long time lurker and now i decided to make a account for my questions. I usually just play 2-3times a week, so i want to know on what items i should focus for further upgrades.

    Battletag: (eu) curiouzz#2988 (first time post)

    i appreciate every little tip!

    greetings curiouzz
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    Your weapon first and foremost. You need something that gives much higher dps and prefereably LS.

    Change your pants to Inna's with int and vita will give you a huge dps boost, archon does not benefit from LoH.

    Craft trifecta gloves.

    While you lose, 55 All Res you should look at 70+ all res Tal Rasha's with armor or Elite reduction for more dps.

    Mempo with crit, higher dps trium etc.
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    Thanks for the advice pichapie.

    I just buyed a pair of zuni with AR today and 5 minutes ago a zuni pox with absurdly high vitality dropped, just what I needed, RNG is crazy and sometimes your friend it seems.

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