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    I'm currently able to farm MP 7 easily with very few deaths, and I recently found some good items that sold pretty well, and I'm looking for some advice to help me to be able to farm MP 9, or maybe even MP 10.

    So if anyone got any good advice on what to upgrade, I would be very grateful.

    Budget is around 500-600mil.

    armory link:
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    I'd start with a better OH, preferably one with 200-250+int and 50+vit. I'd also drop the hellfire ring for something with more dps, or a SoJ. I happen to really like SoJ because of the huge dps boost against elites, which tend to be the limiting factor in making higher MP efficient.

    I'd look to getting some AR or physical resist boots, similar to the ones I have. The extra EHP is very useful at higher MP.

    A Mempo helm with CC might be worthwhile, but will likely cost a large portion of your budget.

    Note that I have no idea what the EU AH prices are like, thus I just tried to list a couple recommendations. You're welcome to utilize or ignore any or all of them. The boots and ring shouldn't cost too much though, depending on availability and EU prices of course. I only paid 1 mil for my ring and like 10 mil for my boots, but I'm US AH.
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    Thanks for the suggestions.
    I have buyght a new pair of boost now, and am looking for a new offhand as I'm typing this (trying to find one with 6% all elemental damages with good avg damage+int).

    For the ring, I was thinking about getting a Zunimassa's Pox for the extra resistances (ring+ 3 set bonus).

    As for the Mempho, a crit chance one is 350mil+, and will just take too much of my budget, so I'm considering going for a high int Mempho instead.
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