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    Ive got just around 2b for upgrades, but I'm quite unsure what to go for.


    What I'm thinking is a Mempo and an APoC force... But not sure how much to spend and what to aim for on both (If that's the right choice). And possibly a new mainhand?

    - Armory not updated with my new ring, Unity with 32%CD.

    Thanks in advance for any advice
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    Looks like you got a few no brainer upgrades to me. get a socket on that weapon and put a top teir gem in it. your zuni ring is crap get average damage added to it or ChC. get a 2 socket pair of pants, high vit/int. mempho with 6% chc will be exspensive, but get it if you got the funds. your chest could use an upgrade along with all of your gems. you should also be able to craft shoulders with more than 300int. another thing if your gonna get the mempho then you need to get a off hand with crit grants arcane. those are just a few things i notice off the top of my head.

    let me know if this was any help.

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    Thanks mate, but to be honest, im looking for some advise thats a bit more specific...

    Like should i get mempo with 9 AS/3,5crit or what should I aim for thats in my price range.

    And same goes for all items. Know whats upgrades, but I also know that alot of them are very expensive, so what are the best things to upgrade in my price range.
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    IMO don't get a mempo. The mempo itself costs a ton compared to the SC with similar crit, the OH costs like 10x as much as a similar OH without APoC, and in the end you lose dps from the deal.

    What I'd do is replace the zuni 2pc with Ice climbers and a trifecta ring. You should be able to gain some dps from that. Also, get a better OH, preferably with some vit and/or high int roll. If you get 9% IAS on both you can drop your Lacuni prowlers for rare bracers that will be better dps and EHP and keep the same breakpoint (2.5). You'll also gain a bit of crit in the process since your zuni ring has none, and your crit is a little low. You'll lose the +Movement speed but since you use teleport you shouldn't notice a huge difference.

    You have a decent trifecta ammy so if you are considering pushing to the 2.73 breakpoint you could try the mempo route, but I'd recommend swapping IAS from your bracers to ring since I really dislike Lacuni. It'd probably be better to just swap to a IAS chanto to hit 2.73 rather than moving to a mempo.

    Finally, I no next to nothing about EU AH prices so I'm not sure how much all of that will cost, but I imagine you could gain quite a bit of dps in the process, particularly with a good ring and bracers. If you want to read more about my recommendations for reaching the 2.5 or 2.73 APS breakpoint, read over my guide and feel free to skip to the relavent sections.
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    I went the mempo route since i got a 9/3,5 very cheap.

    Other than that i changed:
    Lacunis -> New Lacunis with All res
    Zuni's Pox -> New Pox with more DPS and 9% AS to reach the 2,73 cap
    Tal's Chest -> New Tal's chest with alot more vit and a little less All Res
    Chantodo's Will -> New Chantodos with higher DPS and socket
    Chantodo's Force -> New Chantodos with similar DPS and APoC

    Gold spent: ~1,3b

    I've gained around 35k DPS, 20k health and 100 allres. On top of that it also made me reach 2,73 APS, I did however lose 1% crit.
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    this is usually not my thing at all, and please don't mistake this for bragging, but just because so many people go for crap versions of the items that top players use here's just a quick comparison. my wizard equipment is actually pretty much what loroese recommended you to aim for. it was less than 1b in total. i have:

    more dps,
    more armor,
    (way) more all resist,
    (way) more LoH,
    (way) more crit (most importantly.. it's called CM btw).

    you've got more HP which you can't sustain and a crit mempo. congratulations.
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    Just going over your items, they are definetly worth more than 1b now... (Atleast if you wanna just go buyout some items)

    Add to that you have 40 paragon levels on me.

    And if all you want to do is serve your advice with a side order of shitty attitude, then I'm more than happy with paying way too much for my items. But like I said, check your gear on AH now, I'll guarentee if you have to buy similar, its more than 1b.
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    apologies if you feel offended, like I said that was not my intention. it's just that I can't understand why people buy potentially high-end items but with rather low-end stats and for way too much gold. I see this really often and sometimes apparently it really annoys me, sorry about that :) as regards my items though I'm sure I paid less than 1b because I got most of them recently.
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    I happen to agree that you probably could have gotten more for your money using the gearing I recommended. I'm only running at 2.5 APS but I have the same dps as you and I've only spent about 600 mil total. If I had your weapon, Lacuni, and Ammy I would have 260k dps and be at the same breakpoint as you, but with 40 more resist and about 1500 more armor. That kind of makes me tempted to try the breakpoint and see if it's any better than I remember.

    If I swap my gear to your memp+unity+OH (replacing the lower dps ring of mine), I end up with basically the same dps, 2k less hp, 500 less armor and all I gain is 90 AR or so. The difference in prices between my SC+rare ring (with armor) and my OH and yours are very high since I paid less for all 3 then the mempo would cost. I think it was about 105 mil total for all 3, and my 3 pieces has 2% more crit, and 1% more elite damage so I would actually lose dps making that switch. That's why I recommended against a mempo.

    However, if you're happy with your setup and it works well for you, that's all that matters. I was just trying to help you gear more efficiently and with easier upgrade options. Did I mention that wand is pretty sick? You also might have been better off using an emerald in it, unless you run Ubers a lot. If you take into account the extra 15% CC from DF that you should have up most of the time you farm the emerald dps wins out by quite a bit. It might not be worth changing now since it costs so much to make, not to mention the cost to unsocket.
    Wizard DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, mostly useful for wizards.
    Crusader DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, meant for Crusaders
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