I don't know what to improve

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    Hey guys,

    Here is my profile:http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/psychoN-2400/hero/25889586

    I'm not sure what to improve.

    Some things I've thought about:
    1) I could get a Mempho of Twilight but that will cost alot of money.... And I need to get my LoH and APOC somewhere else.. Thought about a unity ring and the chantodo's offhand with APOC but thats also EXTREMLY expensive.

    2) Thought about crafting a new amulet with avg dmg, cc, cd, ias. But the chance that I make those is pretty small.

    3) Getting a better weapon for arround 100kk with like 50dps more (1080+ dps)

    Help would be much appreciated.


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    You might get more dps out of a trifecta instead of that rare ring you have. Also, I'd look into a pair of Ice Climbers with armor+vit instead of your zuni. With 250+ int it should give at least the same dps but will be higher mitigation. You probably won't notice the difference in MS because you use wormhole.

    I'd also look at upgrading some of your resists to make higher MP easier. Your chest seems like a good place to pick up extra mitigation, and if you have a sufficient budget you can even add armor (ignore anything below 600 total armor from chest if you're already paying for 60-70+AR, imo).
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    Change to a Mempo and get a LoH Ammy? The Aspd on the Mempo will let you grab a better ring instead of Faith Ruse too.
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    A mempo means you have to use an APoC Chanto, which costs you a lot of money and ends up lowering your dps. LoH ammy also means more cost for the same dps. In the end it's much cheaper and easier to get the needed IAS on other slots. To run 2.73 APS it's easier to just get an IAS wand.
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    Thanks for the feedback!

    I actually bought some Ice Climbers and they are indeed pretty good. Improved me alot in defense and also added a bit of damage :). I Think I just need to gather a lot of gold to get an Mempo for the dmg. Get a unity ring (with atk speed on it) and a chantodo OH with APOC on it. But that will cost me alot. Lets just hope I will find 1 of these pieces by myself :P.

    What is a decent amount of DPS on a CMWW anyways? What should you need to run mp10 decently? Or is it more important to get to the 2.73 IAS point?
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    I've been running MP10 with 180-220k dps and it's reasonably fast. IMO the 2.73 breakpoint is only important for Ubers. It's also fine to aim for if that's your preference but I prefer 2.5 APS for higher DPS and mitigation. I don't really recommend trying MP10 with under 175k dps or so while using SNS. If you're not using SNS then I'd say more like 200k. If you're using EA you shouldn't even be running MP10, unless it's for Ubers or you run with really high dps players who don't care how much damage you do and just want you to freeze mobs. In that last case higher APS is probably better.

    Most CMWW "experts" recommend AGAINST getting a mempo until you have 5-10 bil budget or more. It's just not worth it because it costs a ton of gold for a CC version, it translates into the need for an APoC chanto, which costs about 10x as much as a similar non-APoC version, and you lose LoH, which makes the resulting ring or ammy more expensive to add LoH to. Overall you're spending a ton of gold to get what? 70 AR from the helm, a bit of life%, and an IAS piece. It's far far cheaper to get that 70 AR on another slot, like a ring or ammy. The life % can be made up on other slots also for far cheaper, including the OH in part since you can get a high vit roll instead of APoC. IAS can be made up on other slots also, including the weapon if you're trying to reach 2.73 APS.

    I'm particualrly fond of only using 6 IAS pieces for a CMWW build, at least until you get to really high gear levels such as a high CD trifecta ammy. To me that means IAS on ringsx2, gloves, chest, belt, and OH, then just high CC/CD on ammy for tons of dps, with a SC helm and crafted bracers. You can use an OS wand to reach 2.5 APS or an IAS wand for 2.73. At least that's my opinion on the most efficient ways to go about gearing a CMWW build.
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