Help my CMWW build improve

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    Hi all, been around here for a very long time.
    But i do feel i need some advice to improve my Wizard CMWW.

    Here is my char.

    I feel i am a bit low on EHP but not sure thats the main thing.
    So any advice /tip i welcome dearly.

    Best regards
    **Farming is my life**
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    You need a new weapon badly.

    I say this for two reasons:

    1. You are way below the lowest "good" breakpoint (~2.50 APS, others being ~2.73 and ~3.01). I'd go for 2.51 just to be safe in your current state. Since you're using Triumvirate, this leaves you with no option except for a dagger with IAS, CHD & socket. Such a dagger will not only extremely boost your DPS, but also help you attain such breakpoint. You can also gain additional attack speed by switching to a Tal Rasha chest, if needed.

    2. CMWW benefits way more from LoH than LL. The 2.9% on your weapon is completely not needed, especially since you're using Blood Magic (which is a good choice, use it myself). You will find healing a much easier experience if you ditch the LL and seek more LoH in form of a new neck, ring or even Blackthorne pants (if you have IAS to spare).

    Chantodo set is also another good option, though it would probably cost a lot more for a decent set than it would cost for a decent dagger.
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    Agree with most what Forock said, just wanted to point out priorities for getting a new weapon:

    Crit hit damage is the LEAST important stat for CMWW wizards - make sure that the stunlock works properly and you have good survivability; focus on other stats first: APS (~2.51), CC (~45), APoC (~18) for stunlock; you're a bit short from all these values, and you should try to push at least two of them a bit futher. Then care about survivability: LoH (~400-800), allres, armor, HP (HP comes least - because of DS mititgation, it's better to get more allres/armor than HP). Also, you have some life% items, which is a wasted stat, you should try to get life through vitality instead. It's very subjective how much EHP you need/want, but I guess you want some more.

    For your weapon, you can try to get a non-elemental dagger with 11% IAS and some good stats (int, socket) - don't get life leach; it's not very useful for CMWW and just overpriced, and same with crit damage.

    If you want to get more EHP, it gets more difficult, because getting rare bracers and BT pants would be the first advice, but then you'd lose even more IAS on gear, which in turn means you *need* Chanto set. Getting a Tal Rasha set is not a good choice in your case because you'd lose a ton of EHP (140 allres, ouch - any allres on Tal Rasha is insanely expensive).

    It depends on your budget: if you wanna keep it low get an IAS dagger and try to maximize IAS on other items (9% on WH, new gloves and Zuni ring or even replace than one with a rare ring), and at some point you might be able to reach 2.51 APS even with BT pants. Or you switch some gear and get a Chanto set, which takes care of most of your IAS problems and then you can focus on EHP and other stats for the rest of your gear.
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    These guys pretty much took care of you already, but I just wanted to stress a Chantodo set. A good wand/source combo can be expensive, but they are a lot easier to maintain high attack speed, which gets you a better lock (which decreases your need for ehp at the same time as increasing the effectiveness of loh) and should result in better damage. I messed around a long time with a decent Echoing Fury (which will be faster than a dagger) for dps reasons, but I just felt with all things considered, switching to a Chantodo set in the end resulted in faster and safer clears for me.
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    Agree with what everyone else said. I'll just summarize some points and add my other suggestion of using SA over EA

    1) Raise APS to 2.5+. This will increase your survivability and increase your dps against single targets since right now you probably run out of AP single target.

    2) Raise EHP. Easiest way is to stack armor+resist on as many pieces as you can but if you have to choose between armor or resist, get high resist (60+) since it will give you more EHP. I recommend aiming for around 4k armor then as high as you can pump your resist. For MP10 you'll want around 800 or so but for now you can aim for around 650-700 for MP7-8.

    3) Raise CC and APoC. If you swap to a Chanto set you'll get APoC from the weapon so you should be good. I'd aim for around 47.5% crit with scoundrel if you mostly solo, and 20 APoC. If you have less APoC you'll want higher crit. This is mainly for single target sustainability.

    4) Swap Bone chill to Deep Freeze and EA to SA. SA increases your effective dps by a good 30-60% over prismatic armor. Deep freeze is basically like bone chill and cold snap rolled into one rune for those who run high mob density areas like Keeps 2. If you have survivability issues with SA then lower the MP by 1 level and you should be fine. You can also try switching to crystal shell instead of diamond shards if you have survival issues but SA >> EA for everything solo. EA is fine for Ubers though.

    For specific gearing suggestions, I'd swap your MH+OH to a chanto set. For weapon if you're fine with 2.5 APS then get whatever you can afford with high crit damage or OS, but aim for 1.65 wand. With a 1.65 wand you only need 52% IAS on gear to reach 2.5 APS. If you want to run ubers with the build I recommend grabbing a 1.63 wand and getting 54% IAS on gear. That way you can swap to an IAS chanto for Ubers and reach the 2.73APS breakpoint with a 1.78 or 1.79 APS wand. If you plan to run Ubers a lot, then aim for a 1.78 or 1.79 Chanto wand and forget about CD on the weapon. For the OH look for something with high damage, 250+int and 50+vit, depending on budget. 200-220+ average damage starts around 5-10 mil. If you're lucky you can get good deals, like the one I have I only paid 10 mil for.

    Then I would swap chest for a Tal's chest with 60+AR and pants for BT pants also with 60+AR. Those should be cheap if you don't look for armor in addition to the AR.

    Then, as you upgrade your pieces, you can consolidate some of your IAS on gear. With the right speed weapon you will only need IAS on 6 pieces, so you can drop the IAS on some pieces, like bracers and amulet, and pick up more dps and/or EHP. What I like to aim for is IAS on ringsx2, gloves, belt, chest, and OH with chanto's 2pc. Then you can reach 2.5 with OS or CD chanto and get high dps, or use an IAS chanto to reach 2.73 breakpoint for better freezing or ubers.
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    Many thanks all !
    I did get myself a chantadoos set yesterday (1.5 M in total!!!!) :D
    And now i actually can handle MP10, even if it goes a bit slow still.
    Will try out some of your advicees.

    Zillion of thanks and all respect!
    **Farming is my life**
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