What to upgrade?

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    I am unsure on what it is I should be getting apart from the 1-2billion mempo atm feel free to leave feedback on what I should replace and upgrade preferably with what stats I should be on the look out for.

    http://www.diablopro...Hikauro/9614975 not gone link official armory as it will just update to my lvling gear wich is a bit different from what I am using otherwise.

    EDIT: damn why diabloprogress why you no update my paragon lvl! "shakes fists"
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    Well, aren't you the glass cannon?

    Pick up mass vitality on your shoulders while retaining the intelligence.

    You actually don't really need APoC for hybrid Archon builds (I personally run 0 APoC while running WW). You can actually sell your Triumvirate for a hefty amount and pick up an equally high-DPS one with high vitality.

    You can try replacing your Inna's Temperance with high int/EHP pants (rare or Blackthorne's) and swap your bracers for decent int+vit+crit Lacuni to maintain the DPS and MS while boosting your EHP.

    And your rare ring, you could add some EHP to that without losing the DPS.

    All of these items will cost less than a higher-end Mempo.
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    Thanks for the good feedback Jaetch ^^ will follow up on as much as of it as I can once I get in some more funds.
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    I am interested also what to upgrade next, im farming with archon low mp mostly for paragon.

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    Quote from Zum

    I am interested also what to upgrade next, im farming with archon low mp mostly for paragon.


    I'd suggest to get Inna's pants and another chest (Zuni because of set bonus or Tal Rasha's) for some DPS. You would lose some EHP, but you could get these back by getting a Mempo (for starters get one without CC, crit chance Mempo's are insanely expensive on EU) and upgrading boots. You have a lot of MF on your gear... you're at 295 now, so in 2 paragon levels you should start getting rid of some MF anyways, better start now. It's a waste of affix slots on your gear and it doesn't come for free.

    You amulet is lacking both IAS and CC, but I think for Archon it's fine and given that there will be many more awesome amulets available once 1.07 hits you should stick to it.

    Last but not least I'd think about getting a new ring (or two new rings). Your Hellfire Ring is really subpar, and obviously Leoric's drags your DPS down significantly. Think about the following: you play MP1 (+20% XP), you have a ruby in your helmet (+31%), +12% XP bonus from follower and +75 with full NV. A mob that gives normally 5000 XP will yield 11900 without your rings, 13400 with a Leoric's and 13650 with a HR. That's a plus of 12.6% (Leoric's) and 14.7% (HR). If you have a Hellfire Ring equipped, the benefit of adding Leoric's is even smaller (less than 11% more XP). => I'd get a better Hellfire Ring and a really good DPS ring, like a decent yellow or Zuni Pox (if that's within your budget).
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    So i got myself Zuni Pox now + a bid on Zuni boots with AR 65+ and other good stats, 50mil left what else to upgrade? wana farm faster higher mp like 3+ or 5maybe?
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    Ok so i got new sick bracers 42mil won on bid, zuni pox and i got now 170mil left to spend. Im thinking that i should get ready for the patch regardless of what spec i have to farm high mp but like farming in archon so what upgrade should i get next? A black damage weapon with lifesteal or a skorn or other pieces?

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    If you survived so far with LaK only and didn't feel like you need LS, why should you get it now? With the RD changes in 1.07 the situation won't become worse. And a black weapon with LS will cost you a fortune on EU.

    You could do that, or you could start looking into serious upgrades in that price range. I think splitting up the 170m in 3x ~57m upgrades or so won't be as beneficial as just looking for a really good deal (i.e., sometimes a CC Mempo for ~100m shows up). Or you start saving money for a real BiS upgrade. It's up to you. I actually struggle spending so much money and that's why I'm saving up for quite a while now ;-)
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    Well i wana farm high mp now so i bought a sword for 190mil, what would u say now it would be the next upgrade?
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    I want in on this thread :( stupid server maintenance!


    I can't remember if I left this on my WW build or Archon :/
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    Made some upgrades my current plan is to get new viles as soon as possible when some items sell, also plan on getting WH with AR and in the future get blacksthrones with more vitt on them.
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    Hi guys,

    I came here seeking for some advices on upgrading..I am considering upgrading my echofury because i think curently it`s the weakest link or maybe i`am wrong. I usually play archon speedruns on mp4-5. Sometimes i play ubers or higher mp`s with cmww spec
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    Here`s my character http://www.diablopro...eljana/10831606

    Beside that I also have blackthorne joustin mail with 250int 150vit, chantodo will with 1193dps and bonus ias and decent avg dmg chantodo offhand with 200+ int and without apoc, stormcrow with cc and high int andariel

    I want archon to remain my main spec cuz cmww is just to much clicking for me.

    p.s. i play on eu server and i have around 450 mil budget.

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    Please help me out. I'm playing with 2H Grandfather and I plan to change the weapon for Echoing Fury + Triumvirate. My budget is very low (11Million), so I was wondering is it worth it to drop the GF 1455 DPS 2h for a ~950 DPS 1h?

    I play Archon most of the time, here is my character: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/sp00ky-2558/hero/259947
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    For dps it's worth it. But with your other gear now, you'll probably lose alot of HP.
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    I have been thinking about getting zuni chest I am not sure if it is worth the dps loss to gain 130 ress any feed back on this idea would be great! Also would be nice to know on how much vitt I should aim for on viles don´t know if Jaetch will read this or not.
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    anyone out there ;(
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    ^Considering you already do enough damage but are extremely fragile, I'd do it if you don't need the IAS for anything.
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    Im archon not CMWW so no I do not really need IAS apart from the obvious dps benefitt.

    Ediot: "cough" "cough" who are you calling fragile ;D
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