lightning builds?

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    Are there any builds centered around lightning spells that can be efficient enough for inferno? I have been searching for wizard builds lately and can't find such.
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    Don't know if there's a pure lightning build, but Electrocute and Shock Pulse (in particular Living Lightning rune) are used by quite some people. Obviously these are signature spells and not very suitable for dealing the amount of insane damage people are looking for, but you could try combining them with Lightning Hydra, some suitable passives and defense spells and it should work.
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    You're going to need high DPS and good enough EHP if you want to kill fast with minimal kiting.

    Shock Pulse - Living Lightning is mainly used for CM builds that don't use APoC (it's also getting way buffed in 1.07, so it can be used more often).

    You can also center your build on Electrocute - Forked Lightning or Shock Pulse - Piercing Orb. These are more reliable in general for DPS output than Living Lightning. (I've also tried Electrocute - Arc Lightning, it's uh... interesting, to say the least).

    You can then throw in Lightning Hydra and Storm Armor - Shocking Aspect if your crit chance is high enough, Scramble if you do want to kite, or Thunderstorm for the increased damage.

    To balance out the build, you might want to consider utilities like Diamond Skin, some form of Teleport, and if you really want to focus all around lightning, then throw in Magic Weapon - Electrify.

    As for passives, Paralysis is terribad, but for the sake of the theme, you might as well attempt it (it'll be much better if you have very high APS here). You can also try Blur for the increased survival, Illusionist if you do run Teleport, or Glass Cannon if you don't care about survival and literally want to build a kiting glass cannon.
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    ahhh yes living lightning the veary first CM build + paralasys was sssoooooo OP i could do it at like lowest lvl possible with 5% crit it was that broken lmao
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