New wiz need help with gear

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    Hello i recently rerolled a CMWW wizard from a monk and i don't really know what to upgrade at the moment so i'm asking for help here. I also play archon from time to time but i'm going to go CMWW as main spec.
    I curently have 78M to spend
    my battle tag:

    PS im sorry for my english and grammar it's not my native language
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    CMWW and Archon are possible with the same gear, at least some people do it; but in my opinion it's not a good idea. Some examples:

    Your weapon has life steal, which is good for Archon; but for CMWW, LoH is much much better.
    If you play Archon, you absolutely don't need APoC, but two of your items (helm and weapon) have APoC - unnecessary affix detected.
    As Archon wizard, you definitely need 24% MS, it's a must have. For CMWW, it completely doesn't matter because you're mostly standing still and spamming WW, DS, FN, EB to your enemies; and for movement you can use Teleport.
    For CMWW, you want 16-20 APoC, high crit (at least 35%, the more the merrier), and high IAS (it might work with anything beyond 2.x, but try aiming for 2.51 or 2.74, also note that there are certain break points to hit).

    More about this can be found in Loroese's brilliant CMWW guide. It's a must read.

    Okay, now to finish with some specific advice what to do with your money:
    -You need more Life on Hit. Get Blackthorne's pants! You can also get some on your amulet (it's what most people do), but I think Storm Crow + Blackthorne's will do in the beginning. Or...
    -Get a new ring. I guess the Hellfire Ring is okay for farming, a better HR would just have IAS AND CC, but that's extremely rare. But you can get rid of your Zuni Pox. You won't get the set bonus, and you want IAS and CC on your ring - CD is not that important. You can also try to get some additional LoH while you upgrade this. That would allow you to stick to your current amulet, which is fine for now (wait for 1.07 to switch that)
    -Get gloves that have CC and IAS instead of CC and CD.
    -You could buy a new weapon, because as CMWW you don't need the life steal, but crazy people on the AH might pay a good amount of money for it. Instead of LS you could get LoH (not a good choice), IAS (you can get Chantodo's with up to 1.79 APS!), or CD/socket for CD (this is the DPS choice if you think your APS is fine). See the CMWW guide to make up your mind.

    -You want a bit more EHP. Now, that's where it's getting difficult because you need to make a) major investments in a slot or b ) shuffle things around, because: a good helmet with a lot of EHP is the Mempo. That means you would lose the LoH and APoC. You can get the APoC back on a new Chantodo's offhand, and the LoH on a new amulet. All this might cost you quite some money, in particular the Chantodo offhand is not really cheap.
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    Thanks for all the help Bagstone i really appreciate it :)
    And archon is not really something im aiming for it's just something to play around with sometimes :)
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