1.0.7 Question about Black Weapons

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    Do anyone know who have tested the PTR if the calculations of dps will be the same as today using black weapons vs elemental damage weapons when using for example Triumvirate?

    Need to know if i should buy an expensive black weapon now or if that is waste of hard earned gold?

    Thanks in advance
    **Farming is my life**
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    blue post confirmed it is a known bug but do not plan on doing anything about it in the foreseeable future.

    they talked about it in more detail in these forums some where.
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    Ok thanks for your good and very quickly answer Jayzenn!
    Many thanks.. might invest in such then afterall :)
    **Farming is my life**
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    And so i did, upgraded dps from 175k to 198 k :) awesome, now lets hope they dont remove that "bug"
    nice upgrade for 30 m
    **Farming is my life**
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    As jayzenn pointed out, they won't be addressing the bug for existing weapons... which will almost certainly infuriate a ton of players. However, I won't rule out that they will "fix" newly dropped black weapons in the future.
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