Mempo or Tal's Rasha head for Archon build

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    Hello there, i've playing long time with archon and farming mp5 without any problems, but i really want to know why people decide to take Mempo before Tal's head?!Atm i'm with Mempo with 4%CC, but when i searched in AH for upgrade Mempo with 6% the price was 1billion! So i compared Mempo with 6% with Tal's head 6% CC and my opinion is 9% AS are nothing for Archon build when you gets for example(Tal's head with 270 int, 50 vit, 60 RA, 12% life and 6% CC for 100-150m)

    So my question actually is the Mempo is better than Tal's head only because Mempo have 9% AS?!
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    For low budget players, a Mempo (without crit) is extremely cheap and a good boost in both DPS and EHP because it has so many fixed stats. Essentially, Mempo and Tal's are about the same, it's just that Mempo has IAS while Tal's has CC as fixed stat. The Mempo, however, has one fixed stat more - and that happens to be high all resist value. That's why you don't have to pay for the all resist (like on many other items, such as Tal's head).

    For high budget players, a Mempo just gives additional DPS because it can roll int+CC+IAS, while Tal's can "only" have int+CC. And the set bonus is completely useless. That's why all the top DPS players in the world have a Mempo (with IAS).
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    Let me tell you a story.

    About four months ago, I rocked an awesome 250 int, 40 resist, 6% crit chance Tal Rasha's helm because I couldn't afford a crit Mempo. I was pretty happy until my DPS ceiling was capped.

    Then I realized that Archon pretty much wrecks faster and harder the more sheet DPS you have (intelligence, crit chance, crit damage, attack speed, min/max damage). They all matter. Eventually I managed to get my hands on a 8% ias, 6% cc Mempo and both my DPS and EHP jumped up (I've upped that to a 9% ias one since). There is a difference. With the number of players around the world using Tal Rasha's helm and Mempo, the conclusion is that Mempo is simply BiS.
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    Quote from xer1oN

    So my question actually is the Mempo is better than Tal's head only because Mempo have 9% AS?!

    4% cc + 9% ias kicks the shit out of 6% cc.
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    Thank you guys!
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    ..didnt jaetch quit from qqnopvpbyendof2012..
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    Quote from cying247

    ..didnt jaetch quit from qqnopvpbyendof2012..

    Unfortunately, the day after I sold everything, they announced the upcoming patch. Curiosity got to me.
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