Help me get back into D3 - Need advice on my Wizard

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    Hello to all.

    I have not played Diablo 3 for about 3 months now. I found it really hard to get into D3 and it very hard to pin point exactly why. Maybe I expected to much from the minimal time I put into the game, still enjoyed alot of elements within D3.

    I would like to ask for some advice regarding my wizard. Build and items etc.

    I would really appreciate the help

    Aria - Wizard


    Sean J
    Nz Diablo 3 player
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    Would really appreciate some ones advice as I don't play enough to have a good understanding of what I need to work on.

    I have been reading the forums but cant really grasp exactly what I can do with the current resources I have. CRIT damage and chance and also Int are there and a little AS, Im Not sure what i need to focus on etc

    Hope some one can help

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    Well, first of all, what's your budget? Presumably not very much, I guess. So let's see what we can get for a low budget.

    First of all, my personal recommendation would be: get rid of all your magic find. All of it. Yeah, sounds harsh, but the thing is that your gear is really quite weak, but you've got 154 magic find - and that value doesn't come for free. You pay for it, and you sacrifice other important stats for it. I'd recommend switching all this magic find to intellect; you might be able to double your DPS without spending too much money.

    Secondly, you got fooled by the bright brown color of your legendaries. The Sunkeeper, for example, is a weapon that has only one reasonable purpose in this game: being in the hands of a Templar. You would still get 9% of the magic find if he wears it. (However, in my opinion the Templar is the worst follower of them all, so you might as well try to sell your weapon). Get a yellow weapon with intellect. You want intellect on every single piece of gear! And on a weapon you can get up to 300 (though it might be tough to afford more than 150 for you, because what you need even more is a socket, high DPS, and probably some life steal once you reach 80k+ DPS).

    Since you're using a signature spell and Prodigy, you don't really need the APoC of your Oculus, and you could get a Triumvirate that gives you more DPS for less money. However, the crit bonus for Arcane Orb is nice; it depends on your play style, try around a bit. If you're always out of Arcane Power you might as well keep the Oculus. If you decide to switch to Triumvirate, make sure you get a black weapon.

    Geat a real helm. For beginners, an Andariel's might be good enough for you. Anyways, for all the rest of your gear it's the same; make sure you get more intellect, maybe some items with high all resist values, and you should be on the right track. Once your gear is a bit better, you'll be able to farm faster, you'll gain paragon levels more quickly, you'll find more items, get more money, and you can upgrade more stuff. For more advice on gear take the time and read Jaetch's guide or the guide I finished recently.
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    Thank you very much! Your advice sounds really intuitive and makes sense to me : ). Really hoping to find a group of players I can tag along with. To me coop game play is what made D2 along with the loot and duelling etc,

    I'll repost in this thread when I (hopefully) have some success.

    Cheers Cantor
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