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    The patch notes indicate they've finally fixed the issue with Archon - teleport refreshing via CM. I'm pretty happy with that since I've been running teleport exclusively for a while.

    Will this make any of you Improved Archon users switch to Teleport? I know the improved rune is mostly used at higher MP where the extra 25% damage can reduce an elite fight from like 20s to like 15s, but wouldn't the extra teleports increase survival enough to warrent the change? Affixes like Molten, Jailer, Frozen, Fire Chain become much easier when you can teleport around. You can even use Illusionist if absolutely necessary, though now that CM will reduce the CD it's probably not needed.
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    With the substantial buff to armor and all resist that archon form gives, in higher mps the limiting factor for me was always kill time rather than travel time.

    So add that in with new drops and higher XP in monster power lvls, I'll go improved archon to take it one lvl higher.
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    I've only been using Teleport Archon, but I also only play on MP 2 - 3. SO happy that CM is going to work now.
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    I'm right on the verge of being able to handle MP2 in archon with teleport, so with the exp changes I'm going to have to try it with both runes and see what I like.

    I expect that I'll stick to Teleport. As you pointed out, it really helps for stuff like molten and desecrate, especially when you get stuck by wallers or jailer or just giant mobs in your way. I also use Teleport offensively, to instantly get in range of elites that I want to take down faster with the 1 key (arcane destruction?) although I mostly only need it for the key warden.
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    Teleport will always be better in terms of mobility (obviously), but at high MP levels, I believe finishing off mobs with speed rather will be key. At least right now, the difference between farming with Improved Archon on MP10 and Teleport Archon is drastic. The former works better with life steal weapon, thereby keeping me alive, while the latter doesn't even last long enough because mobs take longer to kill. Once Archon wears off, a human-form wizard is food for Phasebeasts... oh those Fire Chain-Molten-Fast-Jailer Phasebeasts with their free teleports.

    I can see the merits, though. But again, the downside is that the Archon isn't going to last long enough. Maybe it'll even out in terms of trading a bit more survivability for DPS.
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    i'll prolly switch back to teleport, shitload faster runs with teleport.
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