Improving Rune System (WIZARD)

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    (Wizard Edition)


    As we all know, every skill has 5 runes that can be applied to it, changing its mechanic. The design concept is to allow for a huge build diversity, which is very far from what is really happening in the game, especially late game.

    The idea behind this thread is to help Blizz improve the rune system by suggesting variations or even new runes to complement the ones we have, by opening a place to collect all the suggestions we can think of.
    There is a thread like this for every class! This is the Wizards edition, so to all the masters of the arcane out there: This is your place to be heard!

    Not to disencourage discussion, but please refrain from commenting on the viability or "fun" of other peoples suggestion. Something may seem (and be) totally impossible to implement, yet it may spring someone else´s mind into action... Let’s stay positive! If you don’t agree with someone, just make a better suggestion!

    I know that there are many threads like this one, but it would be great if we could concentrate all the info in one place!

    Link to the original thread:
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