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    So I havn't seen many threads discussing this, maybe I just missed them. What are everyone's favorite specs to play in groups with?? (Assume CM/WW is not an option as I will not play this spec) I seem to always be bouncing back and forth between different builds when playing in a group.... some variation of archon (however we all know these lose their efficiency in group play) and melee builds with blades and such...Obviously this question could be quite situational: Assume we are just doing mf/exp runs, not ubers also assume a good mix in the group, i.e. barb, WD, DH

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    I've been wondering the same thing lately. Tho i have 0 diablo playing ppl left on my friends list so no way to check really.

    CM/WW and archon are both no goes for mf/exp run imho.
    You'd probably want a moblie, fast dmg build

    I'd say shock armor is mandatory (thunderstorm/shocking aspect)
    Teleport just to keep up i think
    Magic weapon and familiar- sparkflint ofc

    for spells, i think blizzard (stark winter) is a good secondary choice. For primary Electrokute - lightning blast or Shock pulse - piercing orb seem good choices on paper. Both are piercing, fast attacks which should allow you to keep up and do some actual dmg in a large group.

    cold blooded / glass canon / <open> as passives
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    You don't have to do the full boat CM build to take advantage of CM. Personally I hate the finger mashing of full boat cm and it's often not necessary or helpful to a larger group when doing fast runs. I've seen a lot of people do some fun things with meteor and arcane torrent with high cc, cm, and something quick to bring down the reload timers on those spells.

    I know what are saying about archon having reduced effectiveness in a group, but unless the people you are playing with are 100% up time sprint barbs or 100% uptime tempest rush, you should be able to just blast through things with archon (i dont know how you'd keep up with either of those builds anyway). I run with a 4 player group and they all basically run behind me while I destroy the field with Archon at mp0-2. When we get to larger guys like elites, they really bring the pounding.
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    Usually I'am running something like this:
    http: // eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VmXSjO!fgY!YZaZaZ

    It works great with APoC MH+OH and mixup of CM/WW gear (Attack speed), i can reduce cd on Archon in seconds, meaning i can bring good dps and wont worry about archon ending/not scoring killing blows.
    Also, you can change DS for FN for control, but i like DS, just to get those WW crits and jump back into Archon.
    Improved archon is also fine, but teleport is best to catch up with group.
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    ^ This is almost exactly what I run. Storm armor is WAAAAY better than Energy Armor unless you really need the defensive bonus. The 5% to crit is nowhere near the damage bonus from the lighting and the scramble rune is amazing when utilized well. (I could see how the crit chance from energy armor is helpful with keeping archon up with CM, but honestly if you're having that many problems keeping archon up, Pure Power is the rune of choice).

    that 6th spot that Roman has Diamond Skin in is really a personal preference up to the user as it doesn't really do anything if you keep archon up as much as possible.
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    I mean, with living lightning I can get archon back pretty quickly... usually a matter of seconds. Also when I play with people in groups we play on higher MP levels... 6 and up. Running an archon build (with my damage output) is significantly affected at these higher MPs via reduced uptime. I just hate the inefficient moments where I am not in face melting mode (archon).. Another thing: If I put on a piece of APoC gear, i will most likely lose DPS... is this worth it just to run with WW... I mean is it really that much better at cooldown reduction thatn other spells i.e. living lightning
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    I haven't tried living lightning. I know that it's tough to make WW work on lower MPs because the mobs move around without the freeze and they die quickly.

    Yah, getting apoc for me was a HUGE dps loss, so I can sympathize with you there. A black weapon with an apoc triumvirate maybe? I know that I've seen black wands with apoc but wands with 900+dps are very few and far between imo. Arcane torrent with Death Blossom and Arcane Dynamo passive is ridiculous high damage for mobs, but almost requires it's own set of cm gear. It's a build that I saw on a "public" game that I've been toying around with, but it works horribly without support.

    PS I don't use apoc with WW on archon, because I generally get all of the cooldown back from just a couple castings of it. I use the reduced cooldown rune and evocation passive tho, so I almost never have to use ww for more than a fraction of the downtime.
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    wow. from some very limited testing, I think it's abundantly clear that living lighting is far superior to ww or really anything else i've seen in terms of cm without a full apoc/stun build.
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    Right.... its pretty good at clearing the cooldown.

    Does anyone have interesting non-archon builds that boast efficiency in group play??
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    Those of us that use WW for Archon refreshing usually carry around an extra wand+OH with APoC. With those it refreshes Archon faster than LL, but involves gear swapping which can be a hassle.
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    What kind of wand + OH do you use for this kind of set up?
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    chantodo mainhand + offhand i guess - its great apoc and very great atack speed
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    I currently use for solo runs on MP10: http://us.battle.net...YjSO!Wbg!Yccacc

    I use an Oculus (I'm going to assume Teleport CD reduction will be key once dueling comes out) as my off-hand for a simple 10 APoC to constantly refresh Archon with WW. My Scoundrel carries a Buriza so Cold-Blooded is constantly in use. Can swap Improved Archon for Arcane Destruction, Blood Magic for Force Weapon if you already carry a life steal weapon, Bone Chill for Deep Freeze.

    Can use Living Lightning if you don't run APoC: http://us.battle.net...XjSO!Zbg!ccaacc

    Not as efficient, but at least you don't have to spend gold on APoC gear. IAS helps the most here along with high crit chance. I wouldn't really recommend Frost Nova here, since Living Lightning isn't as efficient in proccing CM as WW, so Diamond Skin may help more with survivability. Either way, this'll help in running Archon as often as you can without worrying about getting all the kills.

    If you're not going for efficiency, I can suggest using a more "fun" build like: http://us.battle.net...kdYO!dZg!Ycccac

    Don't try this solo unless you're on low MP with above average gear, since you'll rely on constant spamming of Calamity Teleporting into melee range, spamming Wave of Force and Mirror Mimics, which can unleash their own WoF. Starting off with Shatter Frost Nova and then killing the frozen mobs with WoF and Spectral Blades can unleash more freeze. Armor can be Scramble or SA Storm depending on your survivability. It's a lot of fun.

    Or try some variations of no-AP Disintegrate builds: http://us.battle.net...gjST!Xae!ZZcaZZ

    The key here is to reduce the AP cost of Disintegrate to as low as possible. While you're more fragile using Disintegrate instead of Archon, at least you'll be able to keep the channel up the entire time rather than worrying about maintaining the Archon duration. This is why the build works better in multiplayer games, where others can tank for you. Some AP-reducing skills can be replaced if you manage to keep your AP regeneration up enough.
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    Jaetch, the "fun" build or some variation of it depending on my gear, looks like an interesting option for group play.. Something different anyway, I'll give it a shot.

    The other build I have used during group play is: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#WhXYSO!YWg!YcaZcZ
    This build is really a melee tank and is also a fun variation.
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