My CM Wiz on MP10 (YouTube)

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    Well here it is. Tell me what you think of my Wiz and where I can improve! New to this whole CMWW stuff and Wiz in general so any tips appreciated!

    YouTube: /watch?v=y87Ey_xXCJQ

    This is my Wiz:

    eu battle net/d3/en/profile/Shadux-2684/hero/21950899
    diabloprogress com/hero/shadux-2684/Shadux/21950899

    Currently wearing my Andy's instead of my Storm Crow I think.

    Also sorry, I can't post links yet. :(
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    ugh... those 'links' are a pain. You've only got the tail end of the address.

    Anyways.... I've only started my CMWW build so the gear looks pretty good to me and hey, if you're playing MP10 solo then you've pretty much finished the game I guess.
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    yeah, better to post links like this h ttp:// with a space in the begonning, etc.

    It looks pretty solid already! I mean you're doing MP10 quite fast! Do you remember how much gold you spent on gear?
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    gonna download vid off utube, seems wont let me view it any other way :(
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    You don't need Storm Crow. You have enough APoC. plus the elemental bonus from Storm Crow goes to waste when you use Chant's Will. Grab a crit Mempo whenever you can.

    Edit: Didn't see that you said you're wearing the Andy's Visage instead. That's okay for now until you save up.

    Also, your EHP is pretty atrocious for CM/WW. I would suggest getting Blackthorne's set (9% IAS amulet and pants) and a decent EHP Lacuni's to make up for Inna's IAS loss. It doesn't look like you ran into any Reflect Damage + Electrified mobs... those are the real killers. Your HP goes down so fast, and while you do recover it, it just doesn't seem safe.

    Those are what I used when I was still playing (psst, I'm still selling them ;) ). They're phenomenal for EHP and the LoH on both pieces are nothing to laugh at.

    Edit: Crap, I forgot you're on EU server, not US.

    Other optional routes you can take are getting either a max IAS Chantodo's Will (for 1.77-1.79 APS), higher EHP Vile Ward and Tal Rasha's chest, or swap out the rare ring for an equal Zuni Pox for the bonus 130 int, but those are the least of your concerns (though the weapon upgrade would be ideal).
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