12 million budget Wizard

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm pretty new to the game and i'm about to choose spec and buy gear with a 12 million budget on EU servers.

    From the videos and guides I've seen CM and Archon seems to be the most popular builds. Most guides have been focusing on a 1-3 million budget. How does those guides apply to a 12 million budget?

    I will be farming solo most of the time but i would like to be able to play ├╝bers and higher MPs with friends from time to time as well.

    What spec and gear would you go for with my budget? :)

    Thank you and take care!
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    cm /ww spec easiest/ best imo, easy to gear for as well, perhaps u should read the cm/ww guide pinned up top and do some searching for gear to hit the mark :) with that kind of budget, aim for pieces go for about 1 million gold per gear piece spending a lil less or more depending on your luck with item pricing :)
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    On a 12mil budget i would spend like 8mil for your cm gear. Using 4mil of the budget just to get some replacement gear for archon set. Dont bother with too much damage modifiers for your cm gear since those are costly! Even if you barely reach 50k sheet-dps its enough. Your job is to freeze mobs as good as possible not dealing the most damage in your party. ;)

    If you need some help building your set(s) you can add me on eu servers. Just pm me here on diablofans for the btag. ;)
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    Thanks for your replies!

    Shinna1989 that sounds great!
    Even though your "words of wisdom" tell me otherwise ;)
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    Ive send you my BTag as a pm. Feel free to add me ig. :)
    Even though your "words of wisdom" tell me otherwise ;)

    Ive build a similar set for myself when i just geared my wizzard the first time for cm just to see if i realy like the spec and playstyle. :D
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