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    So I'm at a point where I'm not sure the best route to go with my CM set up. I'm just looking for some advice on what the optimal spec with my current gear is and where I should look to upgrade next. I know I could benefit big time from some trifecta rings, a mempo with crit (which I would need a chants OH with APOC to change to) but those are some pretty expensive upgrades. So if anyone can give some advice on some stuff that wouldn't be quite as expensive it'd be much appreciated.

    Armory link http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/jmcdougal8-1704/hero/1520556
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    Not sure about your budget or what mp your looking for ?
    Your damage is good, your EHP is very low tho.

    My general advice would be;

    - Drop the zuni boots as you don't have the set bonus and get a pair of rares with a lot more vit/all res or ice climbers( you dont really need 24% movement speed as CM)
    - replace your storm crow with a mempo, dont worry about the crit you have plenty already.

    This leaves you short of APoC
    - Get a chanto offhand with APoC ( very expensive option)
    - Do what i did, get a tal rasha offhand, they come with APoC standard and you can get one with high int/vit and avg damage pretty cheap.

    You will lose the chanto set bonus but with the mempo and the boots you should be able to gain 100k EHP easy. This will allow you to use storm armor ( shocking aspect rune) instead of energy armor which will more then compensate for any paper dps loss. The mempo will offset the loss of IAS on the chanto offhand keeping you above the 2.73 threshold.

    build i work recommend
    You can use blur for the 3rd passive if you feel the need for it or change to evocation or astral presence. Other changes are the rune on frostnova ( 15% dmg on frozen targets instead of crit ) and storm armor instead of energy armor.

    Edit: I tried using my mempo, boots and tal offhand on the rest of you gear (d3up profile). That would result in a 7k charsheet dps drop for a 103K EHP increase.
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    cant view armory from my phone here, but if you can give us an idea of how much gold you can/want to spend, we will be able to help much easier :)

    for instance, the next level of upgrades for me cost 60-160 million gold, but for the rares i could suffer through would only cost 3-9 million.... :) you can get set gear and chantodo's cheaper than u think if u sac some stats and deal with using shitty legendaries.

    take a look at my wizard for ideas if you want
    ghonosyph#1821 mid to high level budget tho i started out with a mere 30 million total... lol gold is cheap per million 28 cents per now... maybe less some days. spend lunch money and gear up! =)

    the whole spec is quite easy to make work on low budget, however to be high dps+high survive can be quite costly, quickly. reading the cm/ww post pinned will give you a great idea of what to aim for, including gearing ideas and stat points to aim for :) good luck!
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    Thanks guys I appreciate the advice I can definitely work from there! My one last question though is what do you think the best MP to farm with the set up recommended by Qoffee? (if you look at my refreshed armory I actually went through and did what you recommended) I have a good archon set that is about 200k dps that I can efficiently paragon xp farm and do some quick max mf stuff on mp1 with around 130k dps but I've been getting a little bored of it
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