New wiz looking for some pointers

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    Hello, just lvled my first wiz to 60 this week after feeling a little bored with my barb and was hoping I could get a few pointers. My initial goal was to run archon in mp1-2 for farming and plvling and then have some alt gear for doing high mp key/├╝ber runs in groups.

    I've read some of guides here so have a general idea but it seems like my wiz just dies too fast and his dps is just way too low and I'm just throwing gold at him trying to fix the problem with little results. I was testing high mp keys/ubers last night so CM right now, mp5 was as far as I could go without dying constantly.

    I have some alt gear in my stash I bought/found and using for testing, mempo/Andy (8%), some 6%CC bracers, depth diggers, vit ice climbers, +more. I'm also willing to spend another 1-200 mil on him if need be.
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    You need lifesteal on weapon and everything will be much smoother.
    Also, if you can't get all-resist on some expensive pieces, get at least physical resist to combat reflect damage.

    Edit: I assume you try to gear up archon wiz. I have no idea about CM but Loh is probably better.
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    To gear up as CMWW, I'd recommend reading my guide. There's a link in my sig. Scroll down to the 2.5 APS breakpoint section if you don't feel like reading the early parts.

    Also, I'd recommend changing Reactive Armor rune to Shocking Aspect, though until you get to 2.5 APS you might need to use Pinpoint Barrier or Prismatic Armor to survive higher MPs. In general, your stats are looking decent to start with. I'd recommend doing your best to increase armor and resists as you gear up for a higher APS. There's also a table at the end of my guide with recommended armor/resist for various MP levels, but that assumes at least 2.5 APS, and you might need a little more for Mag/SK fight.
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    Thx for the suggestions guys.

    @Orb, thx. I have a LS mace I use for archon testing and your right it makes a big difference. I'll look into getting a better one when I'm more familiar with the build.

    @Loroese, great guide! I read it before but reread it just now and changed a few pieces to start working towards the 2.5 breakpoint. I picked up a crit, vit 130+ int Zuni pox to replace the unity. It doesn't have attack speed but it 70 AR and enough dps stats to allow me to switch my belt to a witching hour, which I did. I also get the 3 set bonus 55 AR but wondering if switching to a tals chest for the AS is worth the drop in ehp. Also bidding on a new MH ring with attack speed instead of cd. Thx again for the advice.
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