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    Hey all,

    Kind of stuck right now, trying to decide what to do next. Basically, im at 2.51 aps and want to hit 2.73. The way I want to do this is by adding a mempo of twilight and tal rasha's relentless pursuit to my gear. Is this a good decision?

    I think what im looking at is losing LoH on the helm for all res and atk spd on the helm


    Some all res on the chest plus 3p Zuni for some int/vit and atk spd.

    In the end I lose ~440 LoH and a bit of res (70ish at the most?) for 18% atk spd (2.51 to 2.73 aps), some int/vit.

    I may be over thinking this as its so expensive to do. When im at the computer it seems risky, but when im away from the computer I want to run back to it and make the trade off haha. I turn to the community to help me out.
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    1. In case you don't know, you don't get the damage bonus from Zuni boots and Storm Crow because Chantodo's is not a black weapon. Explanation here. Therefore, I'd think about replacing your boots.

    2. 439 LoH seems a bit low, but it's just my personal favor, I like to have 800+. I'm wondering if you could sell either your quinfecta ring or quinfecta amulet and get one with LoH, losing only a small amount of damage, and then you can switch to Mempo. However, unless you're super rich you'd lose crit on Mempo (I don't think you have that much money, otherwise you would be able to buy a Tal Rasha's chest with AR).

    3. Another way out of your chest problem is to get the last few missing IAS from Lacuni bracers. They're expensive though with some crit... tough choice :-)
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    I am really wanting to get more attack speed out of this so trading my chest for a tal rasha's Relentless pursuit would be a more viable option then replacing boots wouldn't it? The only reason I haven't yet is I'm trying to find out if it's worth the trade off to switch the chest and helm for tal rasha's and mempo (with crit).

    If I need more loh I could get a Zuni ring with it instead of downgrading the better ring and amulet. Correct me if I'm wrong on that last part. I'd also prefer to not get lacunis as they are imo extremely under whelming for what they are worth.
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    -The advice on the Zuni boots was not related to your goal to get more IAS. However, I also forgot about the set bonus, so I guess they're still fine.
    -If you have the money to buy a Mempo with crit, good Lacunis with crit and allres are in your budget just like a Tal chest with AR. I'd get these items first and then pay the 100 million extra just for the crit chance on a Mempo!
    -With your ring you might be right, it all comes down to what kind of deal you get. I personally stay away from legendaries/sets whenever possible (boots, rings) because imho they're overpriced. For a quinfecta you pay a lot of extra, but as CMWW you don't necessarily need the crit hit damage bonus, maxing IAS and crit chance is way more important. You pay soooo much more for 30% crit damage on rings, it's ridiculous.
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    I believe ill be going for the helm and chest then if needed, later get a loh zuni or tal rasha allegiance to hit 2p there. I use this gear for arching as well anyways. Thank you for pointing out the loh point for though. That wouldve been embarrassing.
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    Just my 2cents...

    I would go for mempo/tal chest too. But keep in mind that u need at least a decent all res roll on the chest since you will break your 3pc zuni bonus. In terms of loh i would just go for a decent rare ring. Your current quinfactor has low crit and im kinda sure you wont miss the min dmg roll as well. Basicly a rare ring with 6% cc, 9%ias, int and +200 loh with either all res or vit roll shouldnt be a huge damage downgrade compared to your current rare ring...
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