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    Hello, long time reader on this forum, and atm I'm looking into getting my Wiz into some serious grinding mode, and I need some advise on what items I should go for next.


    That is my hero, and I'd like to know what I should focus on upgrading or getting, atm playing as a CMWW with 2.51 unbuffed, and I really wonder what to go for next item, I know my AR and HP are pathethic, but all items I seem to find aren't worth that much on the AH (atleast now) reading abit today, I do think that a Tri would benefit me abit (if I go archon that is, but I love the CMWW build to much really)
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    First of all, what's your budget? Recommendations would be based on this.

    Secondly, are you set on CMWW build? Then read Loroese'e guide for lots of input. Otherwise, I just wrote a guide about wizard gear in general, not tied to any particular build; however, it's definitely a lot to read - no idea if it will ever be helpful for anyone.

    Some first thoughts while glancing at your gear: get rid of Zuni boots - you don't have a black weapon, therefore you won't get much out of the poison damage bonus (read here what a black weapon is). You should be able to get some EHP here. Other slots to get more EHP are pants and your rare ring; that's where I would start upgrading.
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    my budget is very small, really, mostly because my IRL friends do play everything except a WD so all the gear I find that can be good for them, goto them first (instead of selling on AH)

    I do have a Black weapon in my stach, and things die quickly still on MP3 (key farming, and I only die when FN and DS is on CD aka mobs that just died didn't reset it)
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    If you're really really short on money, put all your stats into a spreadsheet (like Loroese's one) and check if you can't replace some of your legendaries with rares. For example, your Witching Hour costs a lot of EHP and you can sell if on the AH for a lot of money, get a decent EHP-heavy rare belt. You can compensate for the loss of IAS by getting another weapon with IAS (Chantodo's can have up to 1.8 APS [1.79 actually, thanks Loroese!]). The life steal on your Chantodo's is also an expensive stat, people might buy this for some millions, but LoH (e.g., on a Blackthorne's pants, an amulet, or a Storm Crow helm) works much better for CMWW (if you decide to stay with that spec).

    Hm, it might really be worthwhile to take the time and read the guides, I guess - you might find some ideas to save a lot of money and still improve your gear.
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    my chantodos did cost me 200k, soo reselling it might be a good idea then, aslong as I don't break the build
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    (Chantodo's can have up to 1.8 APS).

    Just want to clarify, Chanto caps out at 1.79. For some reason they can't roll 11% IAS, or 9% IAS for that matter, so the max is 1.4*1.1+0.25 = 1.54+0.25 = 1.79.
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    Thanks, somehow I thought I had seen a 1.8 one once, but you're totally right. Also corrected that mistake in my guide ;-)
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