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    What do I need to upgrade to step up my game?

    I can do Mp5 without much problems with the occasional death.

    theres the link to my profile

    I rather play with my current build than going with the CM build, just seems more fun to me.

    my budget is around 10-20 mil
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    Am I missing something or are you just using a CMWW build with GC? If so, I don't understand your comment about preferring your current build to a CM build. Also, you'll get more dps by dropping GC and switching from Energy Armor to Storm Armor - Shocking Aspect, if you have the EHP to do that without dying on MP5.

    If your current build is the one you use, then I'd recommend looking over my CMWW guide and looking at the 2.5 APS breakpoint info. Once you get your build going that's the first step in progressing with the build. The LoH and DPS gains at the 2.5 breakpoint compared to those below it are pretty high, which will make you live longer and kill faster. My guide also has a table with some recommended armor and resist values for each MP, assuming you hit the 2.5+ breakpoints.
    Wizard DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, mostly useful for wizards.
    Crusader DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, meant for Crusaders
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    Hm, this morning you had entirely different gear, so I'd second Loroese's suggestion to look at his guide if you want to go for a plain CMWW build. One thing to mention is that your amulet isn't the best fit for your build, one reason being that it has elemental damage bonus for which you need a black weapon - I just added a section about this in my guide yesterday, take a look. An amulet with IAS and higher crit chance would be better. Also, your bracers are really bad for CMWW because of the knockback effect. You can find recommendations for alternatives for amulets and bracers in my guide as well.
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