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    I recently started playing D3 again (I quit shortly after killing Diablo on inferno when the game came out because hydra kiting got old fast)

    I cobbled together some kind of CMWW gear and build this afternoon then played some. Hadn't read any guides but I just finally did read the CMWW guide and it seems I guessed well when buying stuff lol

    I did some random runs this evening with my friends who play barb and monk, we did keyruns and then MP8 ubers and I felt like I brought relevant control to the fights and managed to avoid dying too much, even though my damage contribution was laughable.

    Mostly just confused on where I should go from here. Any tips on what I should upgrade next (still have ~14 mil left over) or change in my build?
    I'm probably just going to do MP5-8 keyruns with my friends and then ubers, solofarming easy shit is still as boring to me as it ever was.
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    Your left ring could need an upgrade. You could also look for a better belt and a Chantodo with higher DPS. I don't know about prices on US realm, but if you can grab a decent Chantodo offhand you could get some IAS plus the nice set bonus. If you're only playing with friends and mostly ubers focus on EHP and a good stunlock (increase APS). For this reason I don't have a Chantodo's with a socket, but with IAS; >1000 DPS and ~1.80 APS should be possible for about 5 million. Otherwise, you seem to be on the right track - most replacements would be to increase DPS and not EHP. Your stats should be okay for ubers up to MP8, the only thing is that I personally like to have a bit more LoH to recover life faster (Blackthorne's pants are a good slot for that).
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    cant view your gear on my droid phone but i can tell you that the cmww guide at the top of the forum here is up to date and super precise... and when im on i can assist in game, even have some good stuff to sell you since i blew like 100 million tricking out my wiz a few different times this week :) i have about 30 million gold in items i bought then reupgraded right away i'd consider letting go if they work for you :)
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    Okay I got rid of that ghetto 6% crit ring for one with loads of int, average dmg, and attack speed... has been working well for me.
    Also self-found a decent belt upgrade, 5 less all res for like 20 more vitality and 60 int as well as a bit of armor, pretty awesome.
    I can't seem to find a good Blackthorne's pants that will work for me, as most of my defensive stats are in my pants. All the ones that don't make me lose dangerous amounts of all res or vitality cost like 900 billion moneys. I appreciate that suggestion though, I'll keep looking.

    Chantodo offhand would be wonderful, but because my Occy is half of my APoC I would need to get an Chanto with APoC and those are very expensive. I could easily grab one without APoC within my pricerange but then I'm not sure what helm I should use. Storm crow I guess? That drops me down to only around 30% crit, which seems low, unless I get a high crit Storm crow... but those are even more expensive than APoC Chantodo offhands!

    I would look into getting an IAS Chantodo mainhand except that my 100% critdmg gem is actually the most valuable part of my gear >_
    In all seriousness that seems like a really good suggestion. I might get an IAS Chantodo for ubers and keep my socketed one for the keyruns where my damage is actually relevant as well as my freeze spam. It's a shame that a socketed, IAS Chantodo mainhand isn't a thing haha

    I am learning that crit % is less important than I thought for this build once you hit around 35%. Especially if you are AoEing with the Deep Freeze rune on your frost nova. On keyruns I can keep up that 15% crit for nearly the entire run (obviously far less practical for ubers heh)

    ghonasyph if you would like to say hi to me in game...
    I'm glad to check out what you have :)
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    Things i would upgrade

    - Get rid of the andys and get a stormcrow

    The andys offers only int, crit hit and ias. I would use a stromcrow with either open socket or with crit chance roll. Imo stormcrow is the best helm for small budgets handsdown. Int/Vit/ApoC/LoH and socket or crit is the best deal for the buck.

    - Offhand

    Get a decent chanto offhand without apoc. Since you get apoc from stromcrow you dont need it on your offhand. The setbonus is just awesome for higher mps

    - Boots

    Your firewalkers are just meh. Just get decent rare boots with some int, vit, allres and 12%ms.
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    stormcrow is awesome just for the random fireball alone. lmao.
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