Can I upgrade to higher MPs with 10M?

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    Here's my guy: d3/en/profile/Vuxra-1773/hero/3419164

    I just recently got the blackthorne's pants and necklace so I have super high LoH now. I can do mp3 with ease, and I can get mp4 with a few deaths. However I feel super squishy, even with all the LoH. Are there any gear tips people could give me to get into higher monster powers? I'd like to be able to farm 5-6 for keys since I hate low drop rates on keys. I have a seperate higher dps gear set that I use to farm MP0 really quickly, so gear that works for both would be good but really I just want to start farming rings.

    It's kind of frustrating that I've spent like 50m on this guy and I still can't farm higher monster powers.
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    I'd recommend looking over my CMWW guide to start, if you haven't already.

    In general, you should aim for higher APS breakpoints, starting with the 2.51 breakpoint. The higher APS you have the easier it becomes to survive because your LoH tics more often and you can refresh DS faster, as well as keep mobs frozen more. You should notice a big difference at that point from whatever your APS is now.

    Also, at the end of my guide is an EHP vs MP table that you can try to use as a reference to what you should aim for in terms of armor/resist to try higher MP levels.
    Wizard DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, mostly useful for wizards.
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    Yea, I saw that before. What's the best way to get to 2.51 aps though? Chantodo's set is a bit out of my price range.

    Edit: Actually, I could buy a cheap chantodo wand and a chantodo OH with no APoC. That would bring me to 1.835 APS. Still not quite there.
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    max IAS gloves, amulet, and rings with 3-4.5% crit, plus Tal chest and Witching Hour, with a high IAS dagger. You might have a little room to work with but I really recommend shooting for at least 8% IAS on gear to make it easier. If you get a max IAS dagger, you need 51% IAS on gear to reach 2.5, which can be done with 6 items, but half must me max and the other half 8% IAS.
    Wizard DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, mostly useful for wizards.
    Crusader DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, meant for Crusaders
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    To answer your question why you gettin destroyed on higher mp...

    - Your vit is quite low
    - You are running cm with 20% ias from gear which ends in 1,68aps and thats realy low
    - You got a decent chunk of crit dmg which ups your dps even more considering the triumvirate offhand but lack crit hit to get the building running on higher mp

    I would keep 3 items from your current set and sell anything else and with the total amount of gold i would build a set from scratch. I would go as far as selling the emerald in your mainhand too and uping the budget to like 40mil total. The items i would keep: Shoulders(those are realy nice and better then most low budget vile wards!) , Stormcrow and the rare ring with ias and crit.

    On a 40mil budget im kinda sure you can build a cm wizard capable of doing mp8 incl. ubers without dying much at all and 100k sheet dps. I spend like 60mil on my wiz incl. a decent witching hour on eu servers. And im pretty sure us servers are way cheaper in terms of items then eu.

    For doing ubers im just switching both ring to some with high ias and crit chance as well as a stormcrow without socket but with crit chance. Inside the ias bubble im at +2,71aps and 46,5% crit chance. Which is enough to solo ubers on mp8.

    What i did while building my set is kinda easy to repeat and i think loroese point it already out in his/her guide.

    Get a chanto mainhand with 0,25 aps. There are 4 options to choose from for the random enchant on it:

    - IAS = expensive
    - Crit Dmg = expensive
    - Socket even more expensive
    - LoH = quite cheap compared to the 3 other options. Thats why i went for LoH on my mainhand and even more important you can get much better rare pants compared to blackthorns in terms of ehp and dmg for a way lower pricetag since you dont need the loh from blackthorns.

    When using a chanto mainhand its a no brainer to get the offhand as well. The setbonus is just amazing!

    Now you need like approx 50% ias from gear and the 10% ias bubble to reach the +2,71 breakpoint for et/ww. You already got at least 8 ias on the chanto offhand. So all you need is 41-42% ias from 7 pieces(8 if you incl. inna┬┤s pants which i wouldnt recommand on your budget at all). I went for ias on chest, bracers, gloves and both rings. So basicly you can use a rare belt with high ehp and a neck for high crit chance and damage. Prefer the neck for not having ias since you can roll high crit chance, crit damage as well as int on it!

    If you keep balance your set this way and min/max the stats no each piece over the whole gearset its not hard to build a good set on a budget like 40mil capable doing higher mp. More gold just equals more dps since you will get more int, more crit dmg, avg. dmg and things like this.
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    Quick note regarding post above, the breakpoints are 2.51 or 2.73 (technically 2.50001 and 2.72728). 2.71 is a really bad place to be because you're really close to the 2.73 beakpoint but really far from the 2.71.

    I also have an IAS table in my dps spreadsheet that shows the required IAS on gear to reach breakpoints, if needed. It's a bit quicker reference than calculating it by hand when trying to figure out what attack speeds you can work with on weapons.
    Wizard DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, mostly useful for wizards.
    Crusader DPS and EHP Spreadsheet, meant for Crusaders
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    My bad...Loroese is totaly right about the breakpoints for ww...So you need a tiny bit more ias...

    Thx for correct me!
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    Thanks guys, I'll look into getting more IAS and the chantodo's set. I don't think I'll need to sell all my gear, since I use it for farming in archon and I realize that I logged out in about half of my MF set. I think my buy order will be this:

    1) Lacuni Prowlers + Tal Rasha's chest (at the same time, since I don't want to loose the 12% ms from Tyrael's Might. First since I can still use them for mp0 farming)
    2) Chantodo's wand/OH
    3) Witching hour (I'm actually kicking myself cause I found a good one of these and sold it instead of keeping it.)
    Also I'll look for IAS jewlery as I go. I find that you can occasionally find some really good stuff by just watching.
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    i just restarted two weeks ago and i just got to 2.5x aps

    Luckily a friend found a chantodo for me, but had to rebuy the rest of my gear. I spent less than 700k each(even some under 300k) and can farm mp6 easy. Im dying relatively often on mp7. Here's my profile:
    i have blackthorne's jousting mail normally too.

    I would suggest looking for similar items, i got them really cheap by bidding in the morning.
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