newbie archon wiz need gear advice

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    hi, so as the title says i'm looking for gear advice for my archon wiz

    so here's my profile i want to farm mp0-mp1 really fast and i dont want to die on reflect dmg

    dont look at the build/weapon i was testing something, i use a 2.9% ls 900dps 100% crit dmg + socket wand for archon but i'm always getting one shotted against reflect dmg pack even worse with health link + RD

    my budget is 40m

    thank you :)
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    Assuming the gear you logged out in is your dps gear (aside from weapon), I have no idea how you can get one shot against anything on MP0-1, unless you're using the 1600% weapon damage Archon rune.

    Two main questions: What armor spell, if any, do you use? And what rune do you use on Magic Weapon?

    I run with Storm Armor - Scramble and MW - Blood Magic. The extra 1.5% life steal is very helpful, imo, so that should help against RD mobs if you're not using it already. You can also try Teleport rune on Archon, if you're not already. It gives a decent amount of survivability against elites because of the extra mobility.

    Otherwise, to make RD mobs less annoying, increase your armor and/or physical resist. I'm up to almost 90% damage reduction in Archon form and I don't have any proglems with reflect mobs on MP1-2 with 210k dps.
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    thank you, i'm using the improved archon rune and force weapon rune, ill try blood magic

    after some mp1 RD elite pack i gotta say damn the blood magic rune is really good, i dont get owned anymore :)
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    if theres anything to recommend to stay alive id say Critical mass wizard ;P i can nearly farm anything up to mp7 ubers
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    well idk i like archon on mp0-2 because you have a laser beam that insta kill everything, anyway i only play my wiz when im tired of grinding plvl on my barb
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    there is a streamer on twitch tv, archonthewizard is his name even. pop by at his channel, guess he will be able to give you loads of tips.
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    Huh? You should be able to faceroll mp0-1 without your monitor plugged in while smoking, eating a cheeseburger, and being assaulted by a rabid gang of agitated wildebeests using that gear. RD packs will die and drop health globes before you die. Your gear is probably worth 2-3 times mine across all my characters and I'm crushing MP0. Can get a nice paragon XP farming build getting you 40mil+/hour with less than 2mil in gold.


    That's what I used to start up my archon farming, and it's probably cheaper now with the massive influx of legendaries.
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