Wizard seeking some gearing/build advice.

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    Hey folks,

    Im a rather casual player with a quite small budget but i feel really trapped in my progress lately.
    I seem to be doing rather okay on MP1/2, i do die on occasion to some affix combo's or not paying proper attention but for general purposes i can farm fine here.

    I've tried the CM/WW/explosive blast builds i see all around, but they dont work for me with my current gear ( lack of APoC i guess) and i usually die quite a lot. I am however fed up with my blizzard/hydra built. Definitly not the best player around but not totally bad.

    http ://d3up.com/b/174040 D3UP profile
    http ://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Qoffee-2977/hero/14454501 Battlenet
    http ://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#alXQOi!WZX!bbaYca current spec.

    I seem to have rather bad luck with drops ( my best sell was around 700k ) so i'm on a small ~ 2 milion budget. Im sure there are a lot of upgraded for me even with said budget, im guessing i just want too much on an item to consider it an upgrade.

    Hopefully someone can either point me in the direction of a different spec that works with my current gear ( or within the budget to change) or just some good advice on what items to replace and what to look for in the replacement to just get on the progress road again.

    Thanks advance !
    IAS-starvec cm-wizard.
    Still looking for friends to play (eu)
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