No idea on what to upgrade next or on what stats i should go for next

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    Hey there, I'm currently playing a CM wizard and loving it. However, I have no idea on what stats/gear I should upgrade next.

    I don't have a killer budget, but I just want a general idea on what i should upgrade first for a 1-2 milion pricetag.

    Profile: Abdus18-2107/hero/6317 on the EU servers

    Kind regards for the help !
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    Get another offhand. The Triumvirate damage bonus does only apply to about half your DPS because your Chantodo's main hand has elemental (fire) damage. You already have two APoC pieces, so you can get with any offhand you like; Chantodo's Force or Oculus will be too expensive, I'm afraid... but maybe you can boost your EHP a bit, too. Or, if you're having troubles with arcane power, just get the third piece for APoC.

    I think your overall EHP is just fine, but for higher MP levels you probably want some more LoH and/or IAS. If a Blackthorne's pants is too expensive for you, maybe you can upgrade rings/amulet...
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    You might try Zuni boots and ring.
    They add a lot of DPS (+poiosn damage and 130 Int), and are reletively cheap for the benefit.

    I was able to get a WD friend:
    Vile Ward w/ standard stats + MF
    Zuni boots w/ standard stats + MF
    Zuni Ring w/ standard stats + MF + Vit
    All for 3.5 million.

    He went from 42K to 49K. (14% increase)
    At your gear level, you can easily eak out more.
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