*archon help* I totally make love to myself with reflect dmg

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    Not even dinner first or anything... just pow.

    Played a lot before patch and got good gear then quit for a while. Came back after, pimped my gear up more. Now I have a good Archon set up (200kish buffed without rings, 300kish with) to add to my CM stuff.

    Yay: http://eu.battle.net...732/hero/111026

    Do not, however, allow this catchy profile to mislead or even deceive you. I'm actually not really THAT good at this game, I'm super lazy and showcase very little brain activity while playing; the latter two being caused mainly by me being high off my ass 24/7.

    In other words, I play carelessly. I just farm as fast as I can without really paying much attention. Lately though reflect damage has been seriously attracting my attention and I wanted to ask you guys if you would kindly check out my profile and tell me if there's something wrong with it... or if I just need to L2P.

    Whenever I encounter reflecters, if I beam and catch the entire pack in Archon beam, I rape myself. Not really a one-shot, sometimes I manage to teleport away with almost no HP but most of the time it's too much and I die. It doesn't make sense to me cause I have life steal (hell I've even tried it with life steal + LoH), decent resists and am playing low MP, no more than MP4 farming in Archon. I use CM for ubers MP7+ but that's another story. It also doesn't make sense cause I never had this problem up until a few weeks ago.

    Is it my HP? It's the only thing I can point out as low. If so, whats my best bet at improving it?

    Please feel free to critique in general too. Always helps.

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    Quote from Forock
    Is it my HP? It's the only thing I can point out as low. If so, whats my best bet at improving it?

    Really. That's the only real issue. You have WAY more resist than I do and I have WAY more DPS than you. So that should mean I would kill myself much faster than you, right? (I have a similar Echoing Fury in my inventory to fend off Reflect mobs)

    But I have over double your HP. Get a better Tal Rasha's chest. Your Vile Ward is awesome, but the 10% life bonus doesn't do much for someone with only 26K HP. You can ditch the resist on the Witching Hour and go for one with better vitality and/or life %. You can also shoot for a Triumvirate with vitality as well.

    P.S. Oh, you should tweak your gameplay just a little though. It could help. This might mean hesitating a split second before you attack a pack to check if they have Reflect, then position yourself to pick them off one or two at a time (not simultaneously) and also stack health globes as insurance.
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    I'd suggest switching Force Weapon rune to Blood Magic. That will increase your life steal by over 50%. I run with slightly less hp (24.9k) with 588 resist (though a bit more physical resist) and 3650 armor before archon buff and even with blood magic and a LS weapon I lose life if I'm hitting more than 1 mob at a time with reflect. That's partly why I farm MP2, it's just so much easier and faster to deal with elites.
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    Jaetch: Makes perfect sense; thank you for confirming my doubts. You've set me on the right path for now. I'm gonna take your advice and try to get vitality on the pieces you mentioned.

    Loroese: You're probably right about Blood Magic especially if I start going to higher MPs. I've been running similar to you in terms of MP, I found MP2 to be quite efficient in farming exp using red gem, leoric's and hellfire. Lots of bonus exp and everything dies so quickly. Even when I put on real rings though and get a lot more DPS, higher MPs are nowhere as efficient as MP2. Think I need the HP boost then blood magic as you stated before venturing there. By the way, been following your CM thread since it started. Great stuff; I'm sure a lot of people appreciate your work.
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    I agree, having more health is great so long as you have 550 ish resall (that being your lowest too) since you're then capable of taking many high reflect damage hits rather than taking some then having to stop for a bit then going again :3 I've learned that I am just being too paranoid about not having enough resall, 5k armour is nice to aim for too but not mandatory once you're at 3k :3
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