What to upgrade next?

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    I know my gems need to be bumped up but what about rings and my ammy, gloves maybe?

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    You put yourself in a real bind by having a ring with high int, all res and vitality. This will make upping your DPS very hard with that ring considering you'll most likely lose a truckload of EHP.

    Unity can certainly be upgraded, but it'll be pricey if you want one with similar stats along with IAS or crit damage. Amulet could use a lot of work. Just add crit damage to it first at least. The Ice Climbers could use a boost to EHP (think vit and/or life %).

    You're running CM/WW so you'd want to focus on EHP, with DPS coming second.
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    Ya I have to upgrade Vile Ward with some vit, ammy I was thinking Tal Rashas but I'd lose 10% crit and a Tal ammy with crit is rediculously pricey. Rings was my next upgrade with prismatic im at 718 min resist with 800+ to a couple phy and arcane.
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    IMO you shouldn't use Prismatic Armor as CMWW. If farming keys, use Shocking Aspect and run on the highest MP you can still survive in with SA. For me that's about 6-7 with 629 min resist, 4365 armor, 2.5 APS, 890 Loh, 36.7k armor. I'm actually logged out in my CM gear for once if you wanted any reference. If farming Ubers either use Pinpoint barrier or Force Armor if you need the extra EHP.

    I would not recommend changing your neck to a tal. You're using a Chanto's so the bonus elemental damage isn't as good and the loss of crit is just not worth the extra DPS, imo.

    What I recommend is trying to switch some of your pieces to include IAS, in particular rings, glove, and amulet. IAS, Crit, AR, high Int gloves would be great, and if you're lucky you can get one for 5-10 mil (mine cost me like 7-8 mil). 2.5 APS is the next breakpoint you should aim for, which you'll hit at 52% IAS on gear with your 1.65 APS wand.

    You also might want to get some more APoC from your OH. You're only running with 14 so APoC will be a pretty decent DPS and survivability gain, though APoC on chanto OH is pretty expensive. That's why I run Triumvirate with a black weapon atm, though I'll probably have to switch if I want to reach higher APS breakpoints.
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    Thanks for the tips. Rings are what im currently aiming for and a pair of trifecta gloves my bud has a pair on the AH for 40m but he's not getting any buyers so I may get a bro deal there. As far as my OH ya more APoc on Chantos was really expensive with decent damage, even the one's that had 20-80 dmg were over 20m but ya I have a pretty good rotation with this build that gives me pretty good APoc results so that might be my final upgrade.
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