Archon Explode build 1.0.5 - Video

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    Hello there people of Diablofans, i'll recently released a short video taken upon Archon bomb Build Setup wich is a my personal favourite spam-boss farm spec, For short fights verus bosses or to maximize the critical hit, As I got sickend tierd by the Critical mass builds going left & right..
    Youtube video:[1.0.5]Archon Explode Build
    Gear in Video Armory:Blackhorn#2284

    Shock Pulse with firebolts(10% damage of Passive - Conflaguration )
    Slow time with Time Warp(20% damage of bubble)
    Archon with Arcane Destruction - For the Crit itself obviously,
    Frost Nova ( 20% of Passive - Cold Blooded & 15% By rune Bone chill)
    Magic Weapon With Force Weapon(15% More Overall Damage)
    Famliar with Sparkflint(12% Fire Damage overall)
    Bosses/Short Fights, Bit configration and shoud be farmable with?
    Can't Keep a steady dps outside Archon form, and its pretty much down to 1 crit or cooldowns to deal decent amount of damage,
    Familiar + magic Weapon > Slow time > 1 Shock pulse > Frost nova > Archon,
    Slow Rotation if using for farm
    Familiar + Magic weapon > slow time > frost nova > spam shock pulse till death
    Tested in MP0-3 Worked fine, not tried higher yet!

    Please Leave Comments & Feedbacks upon the build wish to know what higher gear gets in resultat with the build

    Blackhorn out!
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    Hm. Always interested to see new builds, and this seems very much "unusual", to say the least. However, it seems like you're really just focusing on the big bang and for the 120 seconds in between cooldowns you're pretty much useless.

    I think you get the most use out of Arcane Destruction if you figure out a way to reduce the cooldown as fast as possible - Evocation and Critical Mass, obviously. For CM procs you can then use WW or, if you want to avoid APoC gear, Shock Pulse with Living Lightning.

    The latter actually works really nice, as Jaetch pointed out here, even for MP10:

    But I can see that you build is totally different. It would be easier to read if you would include a link to a Diablo skill calculator, though. Anyways - interesting build!
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    I'm no sure whats specil here. Conflag and Cold-Blooded dont work in Archon since you cant nova or use firebolts.

    You say you hate CM builds, so no idea what your third passive is, but if its not CM, you are not maximizing time in archon, especallyif your using arcane destruction instead of pure power.

    That leaves using Fireblts, a pretty inferior spell, along with nova and timewarp for kills outside of Archon, But without CM, you are not getting Nova up enough (especially if you are not using cold snap) for it to be really worth it.

    So your build basically consists of using a very weak signature spell with very low proc coefficients while you wait for archon.
    The only benefit you gain is a 1600% blast when you pop it; which you can easily do with any archon build out there.

    If your sick of the typical WW build, try this:!gYb!caaZcZ

    It uses CM with an extremely high proc coefficient spell (LL) to greatly reduce Archon downtime.
    Diamond Skin can be replaced with teleport-frcture if that suits you better.

    It's basically a much better way to accomplish what your build try to do. Maxxing damage out of archon (using destrction which you say you enjoy) without a WW/EB/FN generic build but also increases up time of archon by a lot. I also threw in Time Warp Bubble for you.

    This keeps all the fun stuff of your spec in while adding survivability, archon uptime, and DPS outside Archon.
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    Quote from Litheum

    I'm no sure whats specil here. Conflag and Cold-Blooded dont work in Archon since you cant nova or use firebolts.

    as much as i can tell he just aims to get as much dmg as possible from the 1600% explosion using arcane destrucion.
    Firebolts apply the 3sec conflag proc and nova is just there for applying 35% (20 form CB + 15 from BC) bonus dmg (while time warp adds 20% anyway). This means that when he uses archon the 1600% dmg blast is improved by 65% total-dmg (35+10+20). Now just imagine how big that figure would be if that is a crit.

    I gotta admit that this looks very fun but am realy doubting,that this is anywere near effective when it comes to farming.
    But ever since (correct me if i am wrong) this appears to be a fun-build i think thats perfectly fine.

    Have u ever tested, if sparkflint alone can proc Conflagration?
    because if it does, than u can drop (the more or less useless) firebolts and take something like LL in combination with CM (as ur third passive) to minimize the downtime of ur archon.
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    He's just trying to one shot as hard as possible with the arcane destruction blast. Spectral Blades may be a better way to trigger conflag since you have a triuvirate and a fire damage Tal Rasha's ammy. If you are getting 5.3 million damage critical hits with 200K tooltip DPS I am inclined to say this is going to be little more than a hilarious big numbers build. MP10 ubers have about 130-150 million hp and MP10 yellow elites have ~50 million and blue elites have 25-30 million. If you engineer that backwards it means that MP3 elites have about 4.7 million hp at most and MP4 elites have around 6.6 million, which is about the point you cease to be able to one shot them.
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    I would really like to see the crits this would produce from someone top geared...Jaetch comes in mind ;-) even with his tons of attack speed it would still be insane.

    On topic now -

    I liked your build and video but it's only for the fun of high numbers :-)
    I can't imagine myself killing packs of 30+ trash mobs with a spell that can only hit 3 targets per cast.
    That thought just gave me a headache.
    Ignorance is Bliss.
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